Midnight Rhythm, The Marauders
Rock'n'Roll Purgatory

The Marauders hail trom Altoona, a small town deep in the mountains of western Pennsylvania. Since forming in 2001, the band has traveled all over the Midwest and Northeast states, playing anything from roadside grease pits with George Jones on the box, to the legendary CBGB's in New York City. Their style is based in 50's rock-n-roll and rockabilly, and it manages to hold true to its down-to-earth rural roots and unwavering blue-collar vitality.

For "Midnight Rhythm", The Marauders' follow-up to 2002's critically acclaimed debut on 814 Records, the band has been whittled down to a three-piece without sacrificing any of the power or urgency. The songs still remain energetic and danceable, but there is a darker vibe permeating the disc, made most visceral on the re-recording of their masterpiece "My Revolver". "The inspiration for that song came out of the idea of knocking off a liquor store and skipping town", says singer-guitarist Ben Dumm, "The economy around here sucks. It has since the mid 70's, there aren't any jobs, so you can get pretty desperate sometimes". Elsewhere, The Marauders lament the shallow state of commercial music on Kill Pop Radio, taking a stand and offering an alternative with their honest, heartfelt, rough and ready rock 'n' roll that has gained them fans from all walks of life.

All 10 songs on this album are originals, written by the Marauders during 2004 and recorded at Data Music Services, Altoona, PA. Throughout the entire album, there's Chris Lawson's constant and hard thumping doghouse bass and Abe Weber's hard knocks on the skins to keep the rockabilly rhythm going. The band's very own sound is mainly due to the excellent singing and distorted guitar playing of Ben Dumm. The distortion on the lead guitar gives the music kind of a neo-rockabilly feel, but the band stays true to authentic rockabilly all the way. The enormous energy of the trio can't be contained, and I just couldn't suppress the urge to turn up the volume again and again till my speakers just couldn't keep up with it anymore. Songs like "Last Call", "Refuge" and "My Revolver" will keep on haunting your mind and soul for a long time after the music stops. This album provides the perfect chaser to a long day of sweat and toil.

Last Call / Dead of Night / Lonely Road / She Put A Curse On Me / Tow The Line / Kill Pop Radio / Refuge / Midnight Rhythm / My Revolver / Satisfied

The Marauders are:
Ben Dumm - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Lawson - Stand-Up Bass
Abe Weber - Drums

Contact information:

Rock'n'Roll Purgatory
P.O. Box 771153
Lakewood, OH 44107


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004
Additional information courtesy of The Marauders