Rock 'N' Roll Hero, Manos Wild
Independent, 2016


Mr. Wild hits again with a brand new rockabilly album! After the release of "The Ducktail Tip Of The Iceberg" on 2014 he returns with "Rock 'n 'Roll Hero!"

The new album includes 12 songs 7 of which are brand new rockabilly material written by Manos himself! The album opens with a brilliant cover on Johnny Knight's "Rock & Roll Guitar" from 1958! Speed up tempo and powerful performance by Manos while the self-penned slow-beat rockabilly "I Got The Bug" follows. "The Game Is Over" is a great rock-a-ballad with a '50s sense and feeling. Great covers on Cliff Richard's "Never Mind" and the underground '50s rocker "Hep Cat" follow the list.

The album follows in excitement when you listen great new rockabilly songs such as "Now We're Cookin'" and "Pink Ponytail" but the real surprise comes in a cover. "Seems to Me" is a rare Roy Orbison ballad form 1958. Manos adds a powerful string section the way that Roy would perform the most of his ballads some years later and gives an exciting performance himself.

The surprises do not stop here, while the rockin' doo wop "Why Did We Ever Part?" and the pure doo wop ballad "Fighting Your Memory" sure make a difference. In both songs (written also by Manos Wild) the Tenor Saxophone of Babis Prodromidis and the backing vocals give excitement in the air! "The Stranger" is also a theme that you don't except to listen in this album. A great instrumental tune that mixes the sound of Manos' electric guitar with a string section!

The album closes with a mighty powerful cover on Bobby Helm's "Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll" from 1956! A real great album with lot of new melodies and quite great covers all based on the pure sound of Rockabilly music! The "Rock & Roll Hero!" that everyone hides inside him is here... so be one yourself!

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Courtesy of Manos Wild, 2016
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