The Ducktail Tip Of The Iceburg, Manos Wild
Songcast, 2015


Manos Wild is the lead singer and performer of the Greek rockabilly band Breathless. Breathless were formed in 2003 and they combined fifties Rockabilly sound with 70s and 80s revival Rockabilly and Teddy Boy music. They have played live countless times all over Greece, they appeared 3 times in Greek TV and gave numerous interviews on Radio , Internet and TV.

Their two tributeconcerts to Elvis on 2010 and 2011 in Thessaloniki were both very successful while their first video clip "Cruising For Bruising" reached #1 in US Daylmotion (as Clip of the day in December 2012). They also performed live on the vintage festival held in Sofia, Bulgaria with great acceptance from the rockabilly audience there! Their debut album "First Take" was released on July 2008 by OnStage Records while their second album is planned to be released in 2015.

Solo recordings
At the same time with Breathless appearances and recordings Manos Wild turned his own place into a small studio and that's where he started recording more and more of his own material. His account so far includes Rockabilly originals and covers, ballads and one orchestral album. He sells his albums and singles all over the world digitally through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and more, while his albums are also being released as physical CDs through Amazon.

Manos Wild in the studio

His first solo album "Let's Give It A Chance" included ballads and Rock 'n' Roll favorites with 5 new selfpenned songs while his next two albums "Swing & Romance" and "Moonlight Memories" were far away from his original Rockabilly roots (the first including covers of old standards and the second one just orchestral themes). Still, his solo Rockabilly comeback came pretty soon. With wild Rockabilly singles such as "Rhythm of Teddy Boy" and "A Chance To Rock" (written by himself) he started to record new rockabilly originals and old rockabilly covers.

His new album "They Called It Rockabilly" was released in October 2014 and included mainly rockabilly covers while his new album "The Ducktail Tip Of The Iceburg" (March 2015) includes mainly new rockabilly originals plus 4 covers (among them a cover on Joe Clay's legendary "Ducktail" that was also released as a single). "Rock 'N' Roll Baby" and "Rockin' Down The Line" are pure Rock 'n' Roll originals while "Never Gonna Try" is a rockabilly item with strong slapback echo vocals and a slower beat. "Show Me Your ID" tells the story of a 16 year old rockabilly kid that cannot enter a Rockabilly Club because he's under aged, still his teenage rebel nature keeps causing him trouble when he's drinking, smoking in the School yard or writing his Rockabilly Heroes out on the School's walls... It may remind some of Hank C. Burnette's style 70s songs as much as it's follower "Ain't Got No More" while "She's My Little Teddy Girl" is a strong Teddy Boys anthem! The remaining 2 originals "Please Don't" and "Bluebirds Cry" are deeply emotional ballads with doowop backing vocals and 50s feeling too!

The album complete 4 covers. Joe Clay's much-covered legendary "Ducktail" that opens the album gets a strong new version here with a solo drums into while the Moonlighter's "Broken Heart" from 1958 is a song also covered from many Rockabilly bands. Manos' excellent version here is maybe a little sadder than the rest with backing vocals and a bit slower tempo. "Right Behind You Baby" is influenced clearly from Vince Taylor's version rather than Charlie Rich's original while "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" also reminds Crazy Cavan's cover and not Big Joe Turner's original version!

To make a long story short "The Ducktail Tip Of The Iceburg" is a pure rockabilly album that tells the story of Rock & Roll dancin', romance, heartbreak and rebellion all in 12 songs! The question is... Are You Ready to Rock!

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Press Release, 2015
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