My Lucky 13, Manos Wild
Velvet Records HMR

"My Lucky 13" -as the name shouts- is the 13th album by the Greek singer /songwriter Manos Wild. After 12 albums that include 3 great pure rockabilly albums ("They Called It Rockabilly ", "The Ducktail Tip Of The Iceberg" and "Rock & Roll Hero!") a couple of swing /standard albums, one Orchestral album, three albums with covers in old ballads , one Gospel album , one album of torch songs (mostly County ballads and early Rock & Roll songs) plus a Rock 'n' Roll Christmas album, Manos comes with a new one that delivers 10 brand new -never heard before - rockabilly songs all written by himself.

On upright bass comes Steve Donnelly in certain tracks and Manos delivers beautifully those new tunes that will certainly rock you up right from the beginning! Well played , well sang with pure rockabilly taste and passion in every single song of this album they get you on the right track right from the beginning ! Songs like "Willin' Able & Wild", "Hot Rod", "Roll Up Your Faded Jeans" and "She Wanna Bop" have this pure, raw, simple but explosive '50s rockabilly feelin' that rises your temperature up for good and make you wanna dance to the Bop! "Be Bop -A - Boppity Bop" shows that Manos is clearly influenced by the great Gene Vincent while "Cool Greased Ducktail" and the song "Teddy Boys" that was also selected as a single to promote this album are influenced by the classic Teddy Boys' "Crazy Rhythm" that Crazy Cavan inducted in the 1970's.

From the rest "Be My Angel" is clearly a great '50s Doo Wop reminder while the ballad "More Than Words Can Tell" with Babis Prodromidis on the Tenor Sax gives a lovely nostalgic, romantic taste in the album.

Last but not least comes "Frenzy Rocker" a pretty instrumental rocker that will surely move your feet from the beginning to the end!

Good rockabilly music is still written and alive in 2018! This album is another proof of it. You can find it in digital form everywhere from iTunes and Amazon.mp3 to Spotify -Google Play -Deezer - emusic and more. Also available in Bandcamp and in physical CD form through order in by Velvet Records HMR.

So are you ready to Rock?
This 13th effort by Manos maybe your lucky one too !!!

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Courtesy of Manos Wild, 2018
Used with permission