It's A Mad, Mad World, The Mad Men
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5618

Before me I have the newest CD recorded by The Mad Men. When I was in Budapest (Hungary) at the "Fly to the Moon" festival, I had the pleasure to see their show. And what a show! Energetic, raw, primal rockabilly, performed with by a band that should be on every festival. Singer / rhythm guitar player Branko knows how to play the audience. Moving like he's possessed by flaming rock and roll demons and using his voice in a way every girl in the hall surely appriciated. Branko is a frontman Pur Sang and his band follows seamlessly where he goes. Leadplayer Darko is one of the best pickers I heard in a long time. His style is his own, but at the same time it sounds so familiar that you immediately want to hear more and more of his awesome solos. The Rhythm section (Marko on drums and Goran on the bull fiddle) is a well oiled machine providing a strong drive to the band.

At the gig I had the pleasure to witness Branko gave his entire soul and I was struck with awe and respect for the show they poured out relentlessly over the audience.

Back to the CD, "It's a Mad, Mad World". Starting out with Boo Hoo, you are presented with a good example of what the Mad Men are capable of. A swinging little rocker with sparkling guitarsolos and chorus that you must sing along to, whether you want or not.

Bop Sweet Suzie is another uptempo bopper in the good tradition Gene & Eddie liked so much. And there's more where that came from: "Cos You're My Baby" is the 3rd selfpenned song by Branko on the CD and what can I say? I'm sold, I love these guys! The rest of the CD is a mix of selfpenners and covers and the quality, danceability and pleasure factor is very high. This a CD you can buy without hearing it first, you can take ol' Unc's word for that!

The Mad Men was formed somewhere in 1996 when a group of friends and rock 'n' roll fans decided to start a band and tried playing the music they loved so much. The first line-up was actually without drums with Darko Grošek playing the lead guitar, Branko Radovancevic singing, Goran Margeta playing the rhythm guitar and Mario Zuvela playing the double bass. Soon a drummer Marko Tizaj joined The Mad Men. The band stayed in this line-up for about a year and played gigs and rock 'n' roll parties in the area. After a while double bass player Mario left because of his other obligations with his other bands (at the time Born Losers, Cool Shakes, Mississippi Queen) and Goran, who was a rhythm guitarist until then, took up double bass.

A real fine example of today's made authentic 1950's Rockabilly Music!! These four cats from Croatia recorded their debut album for the German Rhythm Bomb Label at the Lightning Recording Studio in Berlin. 10000 Volts high - powered energy Rock 'n' Roll!! Man, you better keep your seatbelt fastened, ´cause this quartet will bomb you right out of the seat of your Hot Rod Car. If you get the chance to see these four cats, you better move your butt to your local barndance!! This for heaven sake is not the typical authentic copycat shit, this IS REAL Rock'n'Roll!! Alright, you're mad? Go mad with the mad men!!!

Boo Hoo / Bop Sweet Suzie / 'Cos You're My Baby / Crazy Crazy Lovin / Hocus Pocus / I'm Not Crazy / Intoxicated / Loverboy / Mad Mad World / Rock Boppin' Baby / That's My Little Suzie / Till The Law Says Stop / When I Found You

The Mad Men at the 2nd Czech Rumble - July 30, 2005

The Mad Men are:
Branko Radovancevic - Singin' And Strummin' The Rhythm Guitar
Darko Grošek - Playin' The Lead
Marko Tizaj - Beatin' The Bongos
Goran Margeta - Playin' The Hound Dog Bass

Contact information:
Phone Branko: +385 91 538 37 49
Phone Darko: +385 91 518 49 93

Rhythm Bomb Records
PO Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005