Luck Is On My Side, Pep Torres with The Round Up Boys
Rhythm Bomb RBR 5646 

Pep Torres was born and raised in St. Barbara, California, and started singing when he was 15 years old. Soon after that he formed his own band and by now Pep has released three albums: "Rockabilidad" (2000), "You and I" (2002), and the 5-star rated "It Ain't Rocket Science" (2005). [CLICK]

The Roundup Boys from Berlin are one of Germany's best live acts. The Roundup Boys from Berlin are one of Germany's best live acts. The band was founded by Michael Kirscht in the summer of 1996. They also had a 5-star album out in 2005 titled "Good Lookin' Daddy!". [CLICK]

Now, what would happen if Rhythm Bomb Records gets a fabulous singer named Pep Torres and a fantastic band named The Round Up Boys together at the Lightning Recorders Studio in Berlin? The result would be a brand new album titled "Luck Is On My Side".

Let me tell you up front, this album rocks, it rolls, and it will flip your lid. The album literally lifts off and takes for the sky with some jet airplane sound effects followed by the rockabilly song "Jumbo Jet Plane", written by Pep himself. As a matter of fact, besides a great singer, Pep is also a very talented songwriter. He selfpenned 13 out of the 17 songs on this album.

The sensitive "I'm Ready Now (To Fall In Love)" will touch you where it hurts, good backing vocals, and the guitar picking is outstanding, not just on this song, but on the entire album. This song by the way was written by Doug Wilshire (Chrome Daddies).

There's actually no point in reviewing each and every song, because they all range in the section between gold and platinum, from touchy to down right pumping rockabilly. Exquisite musicianship overall, by The Round Up Boys and the additional musicians alike, you just gotta give this platter a spin!

Jumbo Jet Plane / All Reet / I'm Ready Now (To Fall In Love) / Luck Is On My Side / Filthy Rich / Nikki-Nikki / Your Lyin' Eyes / Jenny Rose / Let's Pretend / Baby Baby / Meter Maid / Italian Holiday / One Way Ticket / Hee Haw Honeys / Packard Parkin' Blues / When You Dream / Hep To The Step

The Round Up Boys are:
Michael Kirscht - Guitar
Michael Buschek - Guitar
Markus Lehmann - Bass
Torsten Peukert - Drums
Axel Praefcke - Guitar

Additional musicians:
Eric Heinly - Percussion
Jim Jedeikin - Baritone Saxophone
Cliff Wagner - Banjo
Charlie Cox - Mandolin

Contact information:
Phone +1 (323) 854-5288

Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006