The Alladin, "X" & Vik Recordings 1953-55, Louis Jordan
Cherry Red / Rev-Ola CR BAND 2

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five scored 57 national R & B chart hits between 1942 and 1951, including chart toppers such as "Choo Choo Ch'boogie", "Caldonia", "Ain't Nobody Here But Us dicken", "Jack, You're Dead", "Saturday Night Fish Fry", "Buzz Me", "Ain't That Just Like A Woman", "G.I. Jive" and many others. These hits were with Decca, his long running label that would in the year of 1953 drop the tenure believing his age was against him. Ironically that year he had been ranked in the 1953 Down Beat Magazine popularity poll for his alto saxophone playing, while the Tymphany Five appeared in the Best Combo section for the first time, and as to add insult to injury, his latest release from the January 1954 Decca session was selling better than any other for the past three years!

Jordan left his final session disappointed yet safe in the knowledge that he had signed a contract with major independent label, Aladdin Records and had plenty more tricks up his sleeve! So here they are all in one place the 1953-1955 challenges to the emerging Rock 'n' Roll! Proof that he had them all on the ropes, and was quite simply someone who can only be described as a master. Here are 28 great rockin' slabs of crazy jump blues from Louis Jordan, tunes that are almost impossible not to love! Just try and keep from dancing! Louis Jordan's legacy lives on in the smash hit musical "5 Guys Named Moe" based on his work and unique style, the hippest cat of all remains timeless! This is the first time that all his 1950s best have been collected on disc.

Whiskey Do Your Stuff / Dad Gum Ya Hide Boy / Ooo-Wee / I'll Die Happy / A Dollar Down / Hurry Home / I Seen What'cha Done / Messy Bessy / Louie's Blues / If I Had Had Any Sense, I'd Go Back Home / Put Some Money In The Pot Boy / Yeah, Yeah, Baby / Fat Back And Corn Liquor / The Dipper / Time's A-Passin' / Gal, You Need A Whippin' / It's Hard To Be Good Without You / Gotta Go / Private Property (No Trespassing) / It's Been Said / Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets / Baby, Let's Do It Up / Bananas / Chicken Back / Where Can I Go? / Baby You're Just Too Much / Rock 'n' Roll Call / Slo', Smooth And Easy

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