Monsters Axes & Choppers, Losers After Midnight
Debut EP Release

Pittsburgh, PA - What happens when veteran musicians from different genres want to make music in a city that doesn't support live music? They come together and do it themselves! And without using Kickstarter!

Three musicians, from backgrounds ranging from rockabilly to punk to heavy metal, have done just that. Front man Joe Brady, of the long-running punk band Scanner, came up with the idea for Losers After Midnight. He contacted Memphis Mike Metzger, best known as a global rockabilly / roots / blues musician, and drummer George Borden from the heavy metal band Aftershok, and the band was formed. All told, there was only one real rehearsal and the guys took their sounds to Dave Granati's studio in Ambridge and quickly laid down the tracks for four songs. The gals from the Canadian hardcore band Pantychrist helped out with some backing vocals, and in a matter of hours, the project was completed.

The debut EP, "Monsters Axes & Choppers" has been selling steadily via CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon, as well as receiving rave reviews and a fair bit of airplay on various internet radio stations. British singer Clint Bradley has even gone so far as to suggest that Losers After Midnight could "stomp" the Glastonbury and Reading music festivals, although the band has no real plans to perform live. Ever. The project is also already no stranger to controversy, as YouTube removed their channel after only a matter of days, being given only the most vague reasons. Critics and fans alike have been raving about the new project.

"It has a kind of post punk/New wave kind of thing going on, but sort of intelligent and progressive... Excellent stuff!" - Clint Bradley, The Blue Cats (UK).

"Something sinister this way comes: Memphis Mike's new "side project", Losers After Midnight, has all the bite of a rabid dog and perfectly encapsulates the wild and wide playing styles that make him and his veteran cohorts the local legends they are. Part Munsters, part Link Wray, part graveyard dirge - but all real and all well and truly a-LIVE." - Daniel Gregson (Melbourne, Australia).

"Too good to call (Losers After Midnight) metal or punk or even surf or garage. Sort of the best elements of all 4 genres..." - Wes White (drummer, Allegheny Rhythm Rangers).

"I wanna see the Armageddon porno sci-fi James Bond shoot-out mutant monster flick that these songs go with! BRILLIANT!" - Laurence Beall (American roots artist).

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Press Release by Mike Memphis, 2014