Rock-a-Way Lonesome Moon, Roy Kay Trio 
Rhythm Bomb RBR 5645

Since the Seattle based Roy Kay Trio was formed in 2001, they have released two splendid CD albums, "Wanderin' Mind" (2002), produced by Deke Dickerson, and "Knockin' Em Back" (2004), produced by Ashley Kingman. The Roy Kay Trio played live in many countries and made appearances at international festivals like the Rockabilly Rave (UK, 2005), High Rockabilly (Spain, 2003), Hemsby (UK, 2005), Viva Las Vegas (US 2003), Green Bay's Rockin' 50's Fest (US 2005) and many more.

"Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon" (2006), is the third and most recent one, produced by Axel Praefcke and recorded in his studio at Lightning Recording Service in Berlin, Germany. There are 14 shiny gold nuggets on this little platter. Eleven new songs and three new covers and, oh boy, do I like'm! If you're looking for the real stuff, this is it, Sun sound, boppin' foottappers, pure rockabilly and no consessions to modern influences whatsoever. Roy Kay is blessed with a warm melodic voice and mighty fine writer skills. He writes catchy and lighthearted songs that are able to turn any sad mood quickly into a bright mood again. Mike Ceglia is one of those heavy duty guitar pickers every band should have. Great lines and accents and never overdone, but exactly what the song asks for. Same goes for Robin Cady, the bass player, who also co-writes many of the songs on this album. Of course there's a few covers on this CD and I really like Long John Roller's "Long John's Flagpole Rock" a lot, it blends in great with the rest of the songs. A whole lot of efford went into creating the authentic sound I'm listening to right now. First of all every song has been recorded on original vintage fifties gear in Axel Praefcke's studio. After that the tapes went back to Seattle and have been cut onto acetate using a genuine 1940's Presto Lathe recorder (pre-tape!) and the resulting master plate has been transferred directly onto CD. This mixed process results into the best mix a man can get between 21st century technology and authentic analogue sound. What else can I give this release but 5 stars?

Cadillacin' Model A / My Rockin' Heart / You're For Me / Cold Tears / She Tracked Me Down / I've Lost / Rockin' And Rollin' / Everyday I'm Countin' / Two Of A Kind / Untie These Strings / Lonesome Moon / Long John's Flagpole Rock / Shadows Fall / Move On

The Roy Kay Trio is:
Roy "Kay" Konitzer - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Mike Ceglia - Telecaster Guitar, Vocal Harmony
Robin Cady - Upright Bass

Information & bookings:
The Roy Kay Trio
801 34th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: +1 206 328 0658 


Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006