Little Neal & The Blue Flames 
Rhythm Bomb RBR 5627

Starting as a studio project, the band Neal & His Night Surf came together to record two songs for the Berliner label "favourite records". Band members were: Nino Laskowski (vocals/lead guitar), Ike Stoye (rhythm guitar), Sascha Körner (bass) and Axel Praefcke (drums). In mid 1998 the sampler "Rough Rockin'" was released, sampling Berliner bands only. Little Neal & His Night Surf contributed two classics in a hard and unspoiled fashion.

After a few gigs in Berlin Nino and Sascha began the search for new band members, as Ike and Axel decided to spend more time with their own bands. In November 1998 the band was complete once again. Rhythm guitar was now covered by "Ike & The Capers" bass man Maurice Hägler and Alexander Knobloch joined as new drummer. In this new formation "Little Neal & Co." were giving their new debut in march 1999 in Berlin and since then have started to tour around Germany and Europe. In April 1999 they recorded two new songs for "Rough Rockin' vol. 2". At the end of the year the decision was made to re-brand the name "Night Surf", as the repertoire of 50s rockabilly songs had increased and most people related surf music to "Night Surf". "Little Neal & The Blue Flames" were born.

In 2000 "Favourite Records" released a four track EP during the summer of 2000. In the following years the boys kept on touring to spread their music all over europe. Finally the blue flames went back to studio and recorded their first Longplayer.

And this is the result that I'm listening to right now and it knocked me off my feet at first play. What a sound! Like being back in the Sun Studio in the mid-fifties listening to a session with hard-hitting Jimmy Van Eaton on drums. Many compliments to drummer Axel and the record producer too, for delivering such a great mix. The album consists of 6 well-known classics and 9 self-penned jewels. This Nino Laskowski is one heck of a musician. Besides writing all the original songs, he's also a great singer and a mean rockabilly guitar picker. Song after song, his music keeps raising the hairs in my neck and I can't keep my fingers off the volume, I just wanna keep on playing it louder and louder. I've heard some great music over the years, but this album will be on my favourite list for a long time to come. Fabulous job!

Little Neal & The Blue Flames are:
Nino Laskowski - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Maurice Hägler - Rhythm & Electric Guitar
Sascha Körner - Bass
Alex Praefcke - Drums

Ain't That A Dilly / Cooly Fooly Boy / Skip Jack Rock / Stood Up / Honey Bun / Preachin' Shuffle Blues / How Could She Be Bad / Everybody's Tryin' To Kiss My Baby / Ten Times Better / All Night Long / Cat Shack / Tana Louise / Till The Cows Come Home / Do You Wanna Dance / Why You Need A Proof

Contact information:
Sascha Körner
Koppenstrasse 22
10243 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 2961682

Rhythm Bomb Records
P.O. Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006