We're Gonna Rock-And-Roll,
Little Aron & The East Side River Boys
(ESRB 0003)

The boys in their own words:
The band got their roots in Rot and was formed in the early spring of 1999. The band members back then were: Anders Tegner (vocals and lead guitar), Krille Tegner (vocals and rhythm guitar), Carl Jonsson (vocals and electric bass) and Lars Johan Tegner (vocals and drums). No one of the guys could play very good but they sure had a lot of fun. The first tune they could play was "Apache", a very though tune to begin with I guess, but it didn't sound that awful, (or maybe it did). Anyway, Anders, Carl and Krille started to write their own songs, e.g. "Turmoil", "I Got Drunk", "River Valley Country Tune", "Opel Kapitan" and so on. Only one of those "oldies" is still played by the band these days.

In the next two and a half years the band played diligently and got more and more popular. Carl changed from electric bass to a big slapping bull bass called Dolly. In the year of 2000 the drummer Lars Johan got a job at a ski center and had to leave the band. He was replaced by Daniel Johansson from Vasa. They played for about a year and then suddenly Krille "jumped of the train" and left the band. The band was now a trio.

In the winter of 2002 Daniel leaves the band and gets replaced by "the original Little Aron drummer" Lars Johan. A half year after this the band recorded their first album, which was released in the summer of 2003 at Jakobsbergs Bilsportfbrening in Stockholm. In 2004 the song "Jennie Lane" got on the twelfth volume of "Friday Night Rumble" CD, released by the American label "Run Wild Records". Now the band has recorded and released a brand new album with 15 self-penned rockers.

About the album:
Now here goes to show you that Europe still rocks like never before. Anders Tegnér (Little Aron) has a great rockabilly voice and the music is tantalizing, with great guitar licks and a deep thumping slap bass. No experimenting with "new" sounds, just plain old rockabilly the way it was meant to be. The way Elvis, Buddy, Gene and Eddie played it, influenced just a little bit by the neo-rockabilly sound of the eighties. All original songs, most of them written by Anders. I love it.

We're Gonna Rock-And-Roll / Sweet Caroline / You / I'm So In Love With You / My Baby's Gone / VS Doggy Dog / Don't You Know / Drinking Whiskey And Wine / Sue / Sweet Boppin' Marie / Hey Little Girl / Don't Try / A Night Of Sorrows / I've Got A Girl / I Have To Do Some Time (Again)

Little Aaron with Uncle_B (Muziekcafe De Kroeg, Geldrop NL 2006)

The line-up:
Anders Tegnér - Vocals, Guitar
Carl Jönsson - Double Bass
Lars Johan Tegnér - Drums

Info & bookings:
Phone: +46 (0)8 19 50 50

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005