A Lifetime Of Rockin', Wild Bob Burgos
Old-Rock Records ORR 2006-1

Wild Bob doesn't do all-night writing sessions. He doesn't rush into a studio to record an album within a week or less. Bob collects gems for his albums, and sometimes it takes a while to get it all together. If you can call 3 years "a while", LOL. All tracks on this brand new album were written and/or (re)arranged and recorded in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Now we write January 2006 and here it is: Bob's new jewel collection!

Some songs might sound familiar for the longtime fans, because Bob rearranged some of his old classics, which he recorded with Shotgun earlier. "Ridin' White Horses", "Son Of A Gun" and "Rockabilly Queen" can therefor also be found on the Shotgun album "Viking Rock". BUT these are all new recordings, and Bob does all the vocals himself this time.

The title song "A Lifetime Of Rockin'" was released on a compilation EP on Crown Fire Records as a sneek preview last year, and it has been the opening theme for Bob's website for a few months now. The title of the song tells you everything about Bob. He was born a rocker, and stayed true to his stomping mix of Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll all his life.

The raving "Runnin' Wild" will get every rocker on his feet, recorded with a thumping slap bass, hard knocking piano and screeching guitars, this is one song you can add to the long list of Wild Bob Burgos classics. When the dark whiskey flavoured vocals on "It's Meant To Be" are joined by Jesper Jonsson's bass lines, a new blues stomper duckwalks through the living room. Turn up the bass & the volume, and enjoy!

You'll find two versions of "Trust In Me" on this CD, the first being a studio recording, raw and rocking, and the second one is a slow bluesy live version with the fabulous Big Joe Whincup on blues harp. Both are excellent songs on their own accord, and they are hardly the same (apart from the lyrics).

And then comes "Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll", Bob screams "This one's for you David, Screamin' Lord Sutch, we shall never forget you". In 1999, approaching sixty, lonely, exhausted and depressed, still grinding the motorways to do gigs, his private life in confusion, David Sutch died by his own hand. This is Bob's homage to one of the greatest British Rock 'n' Roll artists.

"Gift Of The Gab" is a rockabilly rocker with the distinctive bass sounds of Shotgun's own Rob "Apeman" Murly, another new rocker for the dancehalls... And then there was blues! The last three tracks are dedicated to the blues, Bob Burgos style of course. The opening B.B. King style guitar licks of "Blue Boy Blues" set the hairs in my neck straight up immediatly, and when Bob's hard hitting drums set in, it's all rock 'n' roll again, but with great harmonica breaks by Big Joe Whincup.

Next is the afore mentioned "Trust In Me", and the closer of the album is "Got The Blues (But I'm Rockin')", another fantastic blues stomper very much in the same style as "Blue Boy Blues". This album fell on my doormat just yesterday morning, and this must be about the 7th time I'm playing it, I just can't get enough. And that's what Bob and I have in common: A LIFETIME OF ROCKIN'!! I think I'll just play "Blue Boy Blues" again, what a perfect hybrid of blues and rock 'n' roll. Respect!!

A Lifetime Of Rockin' / Ridin' White Horses / Runnin' Wild / Son Of A Gun / It's Meant To Be / Trust In Me / Rockabilly Queen / Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll / Gift Of The Gab / Blue Boy Blues / Trust In Me (Live) / Got The Blues (But I'm Rockin')

Lead Vocals:
  Wild Bob Burgos
  Hilly Hilmersson
  Stefan "Riot" Jägermyr
  Easy Ed Matthews
  Wild Bob Burgos
  Jesper Jonsson
  Dave "Blind Boy" Briggs
  Henrik Alfredsson
  Rockin' "H" Gadd
  Big Joe Whincup
  Jesper Jonsson
  Marcus "Boogieman" McDonald
  Greggi G
  Rob "Apeman" Murly
  Rolf "Sleepy" Anderson
  Wild Bob Burgos

Wild Bob's website:

Box 228
543 23 Tibro
Tel/fax: +46 504-61044


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006