Just Want To... The Lazy Lovers 
R'n'D Records 307.2246.2

I got in touch with Mike Insam by e-mail ages ago, he requested song lyrics on several occasions, and on one occasion promised to send me the first CD of his band "The Lazy Lovers". I don't think he was expecting me to review it, but he did ask yesterday if I like it... so I might as well write a review then. Until now I haven't played it, and I might be in for a surprise, because this is what Mike wrote in the letter accompanying the CD...

I suppose you are an "authentic guy", that means you don't like Neorockabilly so much!? It's hard to explain what kind of music/rockabilly we play - on the one hand it's authentic and on the other it's not. This is what we wrote in our "band-info":"... The Lazy Lovers have found their own special way to play and interpret authentic Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly. They don't think much of replaying the good old sound in the original way. For original sound, people could just as well listen to the original recordings instead..."

Mmmm, I'm definitely warned now, but not scared out of my wits, so let's give it a spin!

The disc starts with The Blasters' "Dark Night". I love that song, in fact I'm a huge Blasters fan, so please don't wreck this song :) Nope, sounds really good, sped up quite a bit, but it suits the song. Really cool. Next is a familiar Carl Perkins song "Big Bad Blues", mixed in with some Scotty Moore licks. I would call this authentic rockabilly, sounds great.

"I Hate My Job" is the first Lazy Lovers original written by Mike Insam. The song reminds me a bit of Eddy Dixon's "Relentless", another song that I like a lot, great guitar licks again. Love your voice Mike! "Nothing But The Boogie" is bit of rhythm & blues, originally done by Ray Collin's Hot Club, also from Germany. Mike picks up the harp on this song. Well, I gotta love harp, I'm a harp player myself :)

Next is The Big Six track "Hop On Baby" followed by another all time favourite of mine "All I Can Do Is Cry", quite authentic again. Seems that Mike's worries about me not liking the modern stuff was uncalled for, I have a suprise for you, I actually like Mike Ness' version of this song a lot! (If you don't know that version, look it up on YouTube).

Here come another two tracks from Insam's hand, "Endless Search" and "I'm Gonna Kill Him". Seems that, besides a gifted guitarist and a fabulous singer, Mike is also an excellent songwriter. Don Woody's "Bird Dog", now I'm turning up the volume. Yep, this is the sound I love most!

Apparently "Women Must Be Treated Bad" was a song by Mike's earlier band Black Slacks, but it's new to me. And since I still had the volume up, I'm pleasantly treated with some real gone guitarpicking. A change of pace is Wayne Cochran's "Last Kiss", and it gives me bit of time to get my head back together :). And then there's a happy catching tune, Billy Barrix' "Almost", very well done!

Track 13, there's no end to this platter. "Long Blonk* Hair", great selfpenned rockabilly track, followed by a bunch of jungle rhythms on "Don't Like Playin' A Game", an original hand-jive song. Some more fifties style rockabilly on Eddie Bond's "Boppin' Bonnie" and then another two Lazy Lovers originals, the great rough and tough titelsong "Just Want To ..." and "Blowjob Blues". This last song put a big smile on my face... most of the song is in German, but I just happen to speak German too, so this is a laugh. But even if you don't understand German, you can guess what it's all about LOL.

A total of 17 tracks, that quite a disc full. Think I'll play it again, thanks Mike!

Dark Night / Big Bad Blues / I Hate My Job / Nothing But The Boogie / Hop On Baby / All I Can Do Is Cry / Endless Search / I'm Gonna Kill Him / Bird Dog / Women Must Be Treated Bad / Last Kiss / Almost / Long Blonk* Hair / Don't Like Playin' A Game / Boppin' Bonnie / Just Want To ... / Blowjob Blues

* "blonk": word created from "blond" and "black" because the girl in the song changed her haircolor while we were writing this song.

The Lazy Lovers are:
Mr. Lazy Lover (Mike) - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harp
Mr. CrazeeCat (Manni) - Slapbass & backing Vocals
Mr. Mean Machine (Alex) - Drums, Percussion, Washboard
Mr. Right String (Robert) - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Contact information:
Mike Insam
+49 (0)89/23711722


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2012