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If you said that Joe Pennington, aka Joe Penny, was a member of Hank Williams' Drifting Cowboys in 1947 - 1948, you would be correct. If you said that Joe Penny's 1958 Federal Records release of "Bip A Little, Bop A Lot" and "Mercy, Mercy, Percy" is a rockabilly classic, once again you would be right. If you knew that Joe Penny was a co-writer of "Don't Fall In Love With A Married Man" as recorded by Jean Shepard and released on Capitol Records in 1954, then you are a Joe Penny Trivia Expert.

But did you know that at age 75 this talented musician is still performing and recording? And did you know that Joe cut many demos in the 1950's that have laid dormant "in the can" for over 40 years? The proof of these last two points lies within this new NBT release. The internet, plus several printed publications, serve as biographical sources of information about Joe and his long career in the music business. The purpose of this CD is not to present a long narrative of all of Joe's accomplishments, but rather we plan to "Let The Music Do The Talking".

Many of the vintage tracks were recorded in a "home studio" and were intended as demos to pitch to artists and record companies in hopes of having them released on records. The original intention of these recordings was not to be released in the form that they are presented on this CD. Fortunately (for us - the listeners - the collectors) they have survived the ages.

Five tracks were recently recorded at The New Hope Studio in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Some of today's best rockabilly musicians were present at that session : Dave Moore (lead guitar), Thommy Burns (slap bass), Bob Butler (rhythm guitar) and Lance LeBeau (drums). NBT Record's own John Newbraugh personally engineered the session assisted by Jim Sinner and Dave Moore did the mix. One only needs to listen to "Real Live Doll" to appreciate the fun the artists had at that session. Oh yes, we could have done a fade on Track #25, but then the real flavor would have been lost and we would have missed Joe say: "That's a Keeper"...


If this CD is not available in your favorite store you may order one directly from NBT Records. No historical rockabilly collection is complete without it.

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Press Release by NBT Records, 2003