Atomic Cocktail, The Lairs

Hailing from Down Under Australia, The Lairs concern themselves with roots music across a variety of genres. Predominantly 50's rock 'n' roll and rockabilly, with a healthy dose of 40's swing and a tip of the hat to Jamaican ska. They are passionate about real music, performed by real people, for other people (presumably real) to dance to...

The band was formed while holidaying in Ireland, where, horrified by the cost of copious Guinness consumption, and yet unable to stop, they put together a dynamic busking show and began working hard in order to stay on holidays. They soon found themselves with bookings across Ireland.

The Lairs have recorded their debut live in the studio album "Atomic Cocktail" and won the International Country Music Busking Championships in Tamworth (despite not really playing much country music at all). Their performances are about being visually exciting (see pictures above) as well as sounding great. Combining swinging feels, four part harmonies, frenetic soloing and acrobatics in a pull out the stops old school rock 'n' roll show.

The Lairs at the 2nd Czech Rumble - July 30, 2005

2nd Czech Rumble Afterparty - July 31, 2005

The Australian 4-piece band The Lairs were touring Europe, and we were putting together the 2nd Czech Rumble during the summer of 2005. They were happy to play at our festival, and we were happy to have them. Their mix of 40's swing and 50's rockabilly is great fun to listen to, and they put up quite a good show as well.

Their debut album "Atomic Cocktail" is a pretty good demonstration of what the band is performing on stage, with fabulous renditions of great songs from the past, like "Daddy Cool", "60 Minute Man", "Lights Out" and "Jump Back". The comedy song "Je Suis Un Rockstar" is something else too, great fun! They also played this song at the afterparty, and everybody was happily singing along. Apart from being great musicians and showmen, the guys are also very friendly, fun loving people. We hope to meet them again sometime in the near future.

The Lairs are:
Brown Note Bull - Double Bass, Vocals
Chainsaw Wallace - Saxophone, Vocals
Marty Moose - Guitar, Vocals
Teej - Drum, Vocals

Daddy Cool / Atomic Cocktail / Call The Police / Too Hot / Lights Out / Patato Chips / Jump Back / 60 Minute Man / One After 909 / Je Suis Un Rockstar

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Review & live pictures by The BlackCat, 2005