Komety, Self-titled Debut Album
Jimmy Jazz records, JAZZ 021

Komety is Poland's most popular neo-rockabilly band. They started out in the summer 1999 with their characteristic "Zolibilly" style. The name zolibilly is derived from Zoliborz, a neighborhood in Poland's capitol Warsaw. The trio's sound includes authentic rockabilly, neo-rockabilly and a touch of psycho. In 2000 the band apperared in Przemyslaw Wojcieszek's feature film "Louder than Bombs". All members of the band had musical experiences, prior to Komety, in other Polish bands such as Partia and Skarpeta.

The first track of the CD is titled "Król Flipperów", and I'm very sorry to admit that do not understand any Polish at all, so I have no idea what the song is about. The singer's voice is quite different, not the kind of voice you would expect with a neo-rockabilly band. The voice is clear and sound and complimented by excellent lead guitar and a driving slapping bass on this fast rockabilly pounder. The fast slapping goes right on into "Nuda Nuda Nuda", followed by different rhythms on "Samobójczynie", which has some psycho influences.

"Graveyard Stroll" is the first English language song, and apparently English is no problem for singer Leslaw, and a very slight accent only adds to the dimension. "Lonely Sky", an uptempo ballad, is a very well done song. Great singing, just the right amount of echoes, a lot of emotion and excellent lead guitar makes this my favorite track of the album by far.

Komety's cover of Elvis Presley's "Blue Moon" is something else, it starts off with voice and double bass only, which sounds just fabulous, then a snare drum sets in and the singer is whistling along. A one-minute song with great impact. "Love At First Bite" reminds somewhat of an early Meteors recording, fast slapping bass and melodic vocals.

After the last track, a rockabilly rendition of Del Shannon's "Runaway", is a hidden bonustrack. It's a 30 second instrumental, which only starts playing after over 20 minutes of silence. Komety might have thought this was fun, but it does make the CD unsuitable for CD jukeboxes, because it produces 20 minutes of nothing in a random play. But besides that, this is a pretty cool debut release, and I think we can all be glad that Poland is now part of the European Union, so we can all soon enjoy bands like Komety live on renowned festivals.

The Komety trio is:
Leslaw - Voice, Guitar (formerly of Partia)
Arkus - Drums (formerly of Partia)
Pleban - Double Bass (formerly of Skarpeta)

Król Flipperów / Nuda Nuda Nuda / Samobójczynie / Graveyard Stroll / Lonely Sky / Tak Czy Nie? / Blue Moon / Love At First Bite / Gdzie Ona Jest? / Runaway

Contact information:
Phone: +48 502 180 939

Jimmy Jazz Records
P.O. Box 184
71-507 Szczecin 5
Phone: +48 914 338 082

Psycho Attack over Poland

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004