Kingsville, Pete Hutton & The Beyonders 
Foot Tapping Records FT029

After the release of The Beyonders' first CD "Once Bitten Twice Shy", Foottapping records approached Pete Hutton to do a follow up album. After a long discussion with Clive from Foot tapping, the band decided on an album with an Elvis Presley theme running through it. Pete's friend Neil Clarck suggested the title "Kingsville", and Pete loved the title so much that he decided to write a song about his idol called "Kingsville".

May I please start this review with the last track, because besides being an Elvis fan ever since my teen years, I've always had this thing with Batman. Of course I always watched the TV series with Adam West in the 60s, but even after that, Batman somehow always stayed with me. I collected the recent movies on DVD, and although I liked them too, they never had the same appeal to me as the old 60s series. Most likely, that has everything to do with age and memories. Thus, I was ever so happy to see that Pete covered the original TV Theme "Batman" on his new disc. Thanks for that Pete!

Now for the rest of the CD. I like it, it's great! End of review. Yeah, yeah, I know I won't get away with it that easily, especially because I appointed it a five star rating. First I listened to The Beyonders first CD again and I couldn't help but wonder why I didn't give it the 5 stars then. Probably because there was a lot of competition at that time, I don't know... I'm always quite picky about the 5-star rating, but I could have...

Then what can I tell you about this second Beyonders CD? It has an Elvis theme, it has the Batman Theme, Pete's voices is really something else and even George Jones' "White Lightning", although this song has been covered too much too often, sounds fabulous. Pete's self-penned Elvis style songs "Kingsville" and "Movin' On" are a real treat and all covers are done pretty darn well too. Superb renditions of "Fool Such As I", "King Creole" and a couple of splendid Eddie Cash songs make this album absolutely worth while for all rock 'n' rollers and Elvis fans alike.

Pete's voice sounds as much like Elvis as Ral Donner did, so maybe now we should wait for Pete to do a tribute to the ever great Ral Donner too. That would be a treat as well. Meanwhile, let's all enjoy this great album and remember Elvis for what he really was: The King of Rock 'n' Roll.

The Beyonders are:
Peter Hutton - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Pete Johnson - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Mick Wigfall - Double Bass
Richard Barwell - Piano
Lance Larsen - Drums

Special thanks to:
Tony Farinha - Guitars
Murray Morrison - Saxophone

Kingsville / That I'll Get It / Ain't That Lovin' You Baby / Skeleton Fight / What's She Really Like / Midnite Blues / Movin' On / A Fool Such As I / White Lightning / King Creole / Reel Gone Baby / Pocket Full Of Rainbows / You Hurt Me So / Batman

Contact information:
Peter Hutton
3 Brightside Ave.
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 1NE England 

Foot Tapping Records
28 Cranford Avenue
Church Crookham
Fleet, GU52 6QU U.K.
Phone: +44 (0)1252 627395 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004