Top Fuel Rockabilly, King Drapes
Self produced, 2007

Here's for you a brand new CD of Finland's King Drapes. Hope You'll enjoy it. We have our 10th anniversary this year. We started our band in November 1997. King Drapes has a new line up (since October 2006). Sami Savolainen (founding member) and Rami Laine are still in the band but Anu-Katja is not. This is the first album of our new line-up (2nd edition already, we took the first one to sell at gigs only).


So let's hear it then! I've always been a fan of the King Drapes and I loved Anu-Katja's voice, but the opener "Bop Around" proves that King Drapes has found a worthy replacement with the mystifying name of "Misty". Straight forward teddy boy rock 'n' roll, just the way us teds like it best, and a feline female in the band... that always adds to the fun!

And the fun goes on with "City Life", "Alleycat", and "Tattoo Gal", the latter one is sung by Sami who has a real nice dark voice. Most songs are more of the same, which is in fact the way it's supposed to be in Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll, just ask Cavan! "Pain" however is different, it's leaning towards rock music, with lots of distortion and screaming guitar licks. Different yes, but pretty darn good if you like your rockin' rough and tough. Then on to some stomping neo rockabilly with "Honey".

"Headin' Nowhere" slows down the pace a bit, a roadsong with a dark atmosphere. The closer "See What I See" finds Misty back at the mike, real smooth with a steady beat. So, in the end it's not just more of the same, in fact there's lots of variety on this short 8 track CD. Original European rock 'n' roll, all songs written and composed by Sami. Good job pal.

Bop Around / City Life / Tattoo Gal / Alleycat / Pain / Honey / Headin' Nowhere / See What I See

New King Drapes line-up:
Misty - Vocals
C.R. Sammy - Vocals, Guitar
General-M - Drums
Johnny Coleman - Double Bass

Contact information:
Sami Savolainen
Bockabergintie 79
21600 Parainen
Tel: +358 (0)505440282 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007