King Beans, The King Beans
Part Records, PART EP 043.001

New CD out now on Part Records!!

From the wide open spaces of the Franconian bean fields four farmers joined forces to provide the world with "king beans". They first came together in the rich harvest of 2000 and decided to campaign against worldwide mono-agriculture by creating a new song-breeding for your complete listening pleasure without any musical boundaries. It's not necessary to point out one of the four guys: day labourer Arne - shouting and beating the piano, framer Michael - hacking the accordion, lumberjack Andy - sawing on the bass trunk and Chief Chrissie - beating the butt. With the assistance of these tools and the rather unusual mix of styles the King Beans deliver a product the listener will long remember.

This is the debut-EP with four coversongs of the German quartet The King Beans. All members are experienced musicians, they played with the "Madison Trio", "Big Chief Wahoo and his Flatfood Indians" and other rock 'n' roll & western-swing bands. This band is fresh, with new ideas and an interesting mix of instruments. Give it a listen; is it country, is it western - or even Rock'n'Roll?!

When the King Beans played their first gig they simultaneously published their first EP on Part Records - one of Europe's established rock 'n' roll labels. What a coup! The band emerged from the following projects/bands: Big Chief Wahoo & The Flatfoot Indians (all four were members), the unforgotten Satellites (Andy and Arne) and Mr. Fingers & The Fireballs (still active with Arne, Michael and Christian). Looking at the songs on the EP you may have the impression that the band wasn't very inventive. But you have to listen to them. Take "Six Days On The Road" for example; in contrast to Dave Dudley's version, the King Beans interpretet it as Ska tune in Minor. Not to forget the pumpin' piano song "Who's Crying Sweet Papa Now". Or take The B side's "Viva Las Vegas" - not a simple copy of a well known song, because the band set a high value on a new interpretation. The B side is completed by the traditional Ska song "Al Capone".

The King Beans' debut - with it's unusual mix of styles and instrumentation (piano, accordion, double bass and drums. No guitars!) - may cause sleepless nights for some rockabilly purists; but the rest will have it's fun! When the boys get the chance to publish their first LP you can prepare yourself for even more fun which you can already experience at their live gigs. So watch out for the King Beans and their debut EP!

A hack-a-hack-a burning "King Beans" !

The King Beans are:
Arne Unbehauen - Vocals, Piano
Michael Schreiber - Accordion
Andy Dorn - Bass
Christian Ruwwe - Drums

Arne Unbehauen
Shuhstrasse 5
91054 Erlangen
Tel. +49 9131 816289
Part Records
Wiesenstrasse 6
69190 Walldorf
Tel: +49-6227-381961

Information provided by Andy Widder, 2001