Kev Black & The Muffdivers, Comin' To Getcha
Salisbury Records, 2002

Originating from Dordrecht, Holland, Kev Black & The Muffdivers were founded only a year ago, and already the band has released their first (demo) mini CD. The band consists of four passionate members who share the same love for rockabilly and surf music. Inspired by the sixties era, bakelite radios and Cadillac cars, they create a rock 'n' roll atmosphere with ducktails, petticoats and hot rods. Their music is mostly inspired by the bands biggest idols; Brian Setzer, The Revered Horton Heat and Dick Dale. Shrieking guitar instros, catching rockabilly rhythms and whipped up surf sounds make Kev Black & The Muffdivers a sordid vile combo. Using authentic sound samples from old spaghetti westerns, space invaders, hot rod cars and TV preachers, the band's booming stage show will definitly bring any house down.

With their own kind of neo rockabilly, sometimes leaning towards psychobilly, the band is obviously aiming at a younger CD-buying public, and their music and stage show is usually well received with the old hepsters, as well as the new generation of rockabillies and surfrockers. The debut six-tracker "Comin' To Getcha" is a rare mix of rockabilly and surf(rock) tracks. The album hits off hard with the fast driving title song, cool rhythms and snearing lead guitars, you could call it neo-rockabilly with a surf-bite. Start up your hot rods and join the race with some more rockabilly on "Jimmy Cap". The third track is titled "Arabian Shake", and it's a hot rolling surfrock song with, indeed, some Arabian folklore. It reminds a bit of the legendary Dutch band The Treble Spankers. "Bigsyboys" touches the neo-side of surf music, with Batman kinda guitar licks, build up in a modern Dick Dale style. "I Will, But I Don't" presents the afore mentioned Brian Setzer pull in an old Stray Cat style rockabilly track. Last but not least, "The West Gone Wild" is another screeching surfrock shoot-out with lotsa sample effects from old western movies and cool early sixties guitar instros, building up to a hard hitting rocksong.

A pretty damn good band. A bit loud for some 50s hepcats I guess, but if you like it rough, Kev Black & The Muffdivers will thrill your eardrums with passion. I guess I must go see these guys live on stage soon, and maybe you should too. With Dick Dale touring The Netherlands this month (Sept. 2002, they wouldn't look too bad sharing his bill. One can dream, right? :-)

Kev Black & The Muffdivers are:
Kevin de Zwart - Guitars
Jan-Kees Groeneveld - Guitar, Vocals
Han-Willem Groeneveld - Drums, Vocals, Samples
Terral Bouman - Stand Up Bass

Information and bookings:
Kev Black & The Muffdivers
p/a Slikveld 10
3311 VT Dordrecht
Phone: +31-(0)6-53 232 233

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002