Talk Talk Talk - Justin Curtis 
Lazy J Records LJRS040518

With a "deep molasses voice" and "boundless talent as a songwriter", Justin Curtis entertains all who cross his path. It's impossible to ignore this storyteller's stage presence. Once captured by his tales of truth, heartache and emotion, people can't help but become excited about Country Music again, or for the first time.

The Justin Curtis experience all begins with the song. Easily accessible songs about life's triumphs as well as failed love, death and bad weather. A contemporary Americana mix of hillbilly, honky-tonk, folk, and other roots styles capable of making you laugh or cry, sometimes both. His lyrics are cleverly woven together, never contrived or gimmicky. This is music with girth, perfect for an audience that continues to demand more substance.

As a performer, Justin has played over 2100 shows in 85 different cities, his recordings have been played on over 100 different radio stations around the world, and two of his videos have been in medium rotation on CMT Canada.

Justin's wife Sally-Jo shares the stage with him playing upright bass and providing supporting vocals. Besides television and radio, the duo has been seen and heard everywhere from street corners to large folk festivals in front of as many as 30,000 people. Whether they are performing as a duo or with a five-piece band their distinctive harmonies warm, sooth, and excite the listener and have inspired dozens of rave reviews in magazines and newspapers across the country. Presently Justin and Sally-Jo are living in Los Angeles, California with a cat named Rigby.

About the album: influenced by the greats of the fifties like Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins and Carl Perkins, but with great creativity and ingenuity of his own, here's Justin Curtis, and I just know you're gonna love him too. The man can write songs that'll get to you after just one spin, he has a great voice and he works with only the best musicians, among them no one less than modern day legend Deke Dickerson.

All songs on the album are self-penned originals. The lyrics of Justin's songs are "real life poetry". For example "They got 31 flavors, but not one as sweet as the girl who serves those ice cream treats". Or how about "I don't hit girls, I don't kick dogs, I've never set my cat on fire". Chuck Berry could do that too (Coffee colored Cadillac), and although Justin's music doesn't sound like Chuck's, they both have a way with words. Justin walks the line between uptempo country music and red hot rockabilly, great for dancin' and boppin' around, great music for the road too. And he sure knows how to pick his guitar players, what a sound!

I was sent a promotion folder which contains the CD, a great promo picture of Justin with his beautiful wife Sally-Jo, and all the lyrics of his original songs. Obviously, Justin wants to get his message out, and I'm glad that I can help to do just that. And if in the impossible event, songwriting and singing doesn't work out for Justin, he already has an alternative future lined out:

 When I grow up I wanna rob trains
 Gonna ride my pony like Jesse James
 Gonna make a lot of money
 Gonna get a lot of fame
 When I grow up, I wanna rob trains

All lyrics are published on our website, courtesy of Justin Curtis.

Talk Talk Talk / Ice Cream Boogie / Little Message / What's Her Name / Cadillac Girl / Just Tell Me Why / I Wanna Rob Trains / Nothing To Do / Black Leather Hurricane / Burn Down The House / I've Never Been To Prison

The musicians:
Justin Curtis - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Sall-Jo Curtis - Vocals, Acoustic Bass
Deke Dickerson - Guitar
Landon McCoy - Drums
Steve Jacoby - Acoustic Bass
Will Jones - Snare Drum, Vocals
Bill Dewey - Guitar
Marc Barnhardt - Drums
Adam Bratman - Guitar
Scott Smith - Guitar

Contact information:
Justin Curtis - Lazy J Records
P.O. Box 29173
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone: +1 323 913 2975 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005