Where's My Quiff? The Jumpcats
Empire Records EMP-CD-106

In Copenhagen, Denmark, Torben Mortensen (guitar) and Soren Christensen (bass) had a band named "Who Slapped John" playing Rock 'n' Roll and stuff. In 1999 Pete Westbrook joined them as drummer. British born Pete has played in different U.K. and Dutch bands before moving to Denmark. In 2001 Carsten Jørgensen, a veteran of the Danish "sixties-rock" scene took over the drumkit. Pete switched to guitar and vocals, and the band now called themselves "The Jumpcats". In January 2002 the 4-track demo "Jumpcats" was recorded. It has received some great reviews for its wild "Burnette style" approach. The band started gigging regularly all over Denmark, and at the same time concentrating on writing their own material.

In January 2004 they started out recording what was to be a full length album with almost entirely Jumpcats originals. Bad Luck, the studio's system broke down and everything they recorded disappeared! Now what? A long story of finding time, finding a new studio and a new technician/producer. Finally, in the spring of 2006, the new album "Where's My Quiff?" was released on Empire Records. 13 Jumpcats originals and 2 covers. A foot tapping mix of Rock 'n' Roll, Hillbilly and Country music. In short Rockabilly!! The Jumpcats also appeared on the "Rockin' Around The EEC Vol. 1" compilation, also on Empire.

The album starts with a decent rockabilly song, authentic style, titled "Calamity Jane". Acoustic & electric guitar, cool slapping bass and nice background vocals. On track two, "She Is So Wild, the Jumpcats are getting a bit wilder too, hard hitting drums and fiery blues-influenced guitar licks make this a fantastic new original. On the title song "Where's My Quiff?" the band changes the pace again, still playing great rockabilly music of course.

"Let It Roll" has a bit of an 80s neo sound to it, adding to the variety on the album. "White Knuckle Ride" is a mix of rockabilly and rhythm & blues, mainly through the additional blues harp. A great song, and the changes in the tempo prevents you from getting the feeling that all songs sound kind of the same, a problem which unfortunatly occurs on many new rockabilly albums.

The Jumpcats carry on playing lots of great selfpenned rockabilly tracks, the uptempo "Speed It Up" being one of my favorites. They also added two cover songs, Billy Lee Riley's "Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll" and a wonderful rendition of Johnny Burnette's "Baby Blue Eyes". Gene Vincent's "Say Mama" is used as a ten second outro to finish off the album.

My compliments for the variations on this record, many different rhythms and tempos while still staying true to the original rockabilly sound. Very well done, I'm pretty sure you won't get bored listening this platter. Just one little remark, singer Pete's voice is a bit high pitched, a little more echo on the vocals might have been a good idea.

After recording this album Torben Mortensen decided to take a break from the music business. He wants to spend more time with his family and concentrate on his career as a teacher. The new guitarist in The Jumpcats is Morten Frederiksen, formerly with Danish band "Blues Overdrive".

Full tracklisting:
Calamity Jane / She Is So Wild / Where's My Quiff / Let It Roll / White Knuckle Ride / Won't You Do Me Right Tonight / Speed It Up / Wladi Texas Mecca Polka Blues / On The Other Side / Hoppin' And Boppin' / Double Dating Baby / Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll / I Can't Get Through To You / Green Eyed Devil / Baby Blue Eyes / Say Mama (Outro)

The Jumpcats are:
Pete Westbrook - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Morten Frederiksen - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Søren Christensen - Double Bass, Vocals
Carsten Jørgensen - Drums, Vocals

Contact information:
Carsten Jørgensen
Fortstien 6
2880 Bagsværd
Phone: +45 49143615


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006