That's Me, Johnny Loda
Blue Lake Records BLR CD02

The beginning of Johnny's career as a rockabilly guitarist dates back to the 1982 when, as a sixteen-years-old boy, he started his first band "Nervous Kids and The Thunderbolts". However, if you wish to date back to his musical roots, you have to make a step back to the early 70's. Loda started playing the guitar when he was 8. His teacher was Luca Menegozzo's mother, Luca later became Johnny's double bass player.

Johnny studied classical music until that fatal day in august of 1977 when the Great Elvis left this valley of tears and his mother bought the LP "The Rockin' Days". Johnny was struck by the music and even by the films that were regularly broadcasted on TV in those days. Ever since that moment, although still young, Johnny knew that rockabilly music would become part of his life.

In 1986, after spending time in the military service, Johnny formed "The Rockin' Rebels", playing rock 'n' roll and rockabilly music all over Italy, earning recognition from both audience and musical critics. Loda recorded many songs, released on various compilations, until 1992, when he started a new band called "The Silverjacks" with the piano and the double bass players of the Rebels. They were on the road for almost 10 years, at first as a guitarist, but Johnny also took on singing later on.

The Silverjacks recorded their an album titled "Breakfast on the Moon" and they played at many festivals both in Italy and abroad. After many rockin' and swingin' years, Johnny felt that he would rather do more pure and authentic rockabilly music and started a new band "Ace's Trio", but shortly after that he went solo using his stage name "Johnny Loda" (his real name is Ettore Chiavinato). Johnny can rely on the collaboration and support of many different artists of the Italian rockabilly scene.

We now write 2004, a new milestone in Johnny's long carreer, the release of his first full lenght solo CD on Blue Lake Records, Switzerland. A well presented package, although with an odd photo on the front cover, but with lots of info and pictures on the 8-page inlay which also include lyrics of Johnny's original songs (3 out of 15 on this album).

Among the 12 carefully selected cover songs is a fabulous rockabilly rendition of one of my all time favorites "Where The Rio de Rosa Flows", but in fact all songs sound just great, proving that Johnny is indeed an excellent guitar player and also a pretty good singer, with just a slight Italian accent. The CD also contains a 10 minute MPEG video, playable on a PC, with a picture slideshow, live recordings, studio out-takes and rare black & white movie footage. Good job!

Johnny Loda - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Lucky Linetti - Lap steel, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar
Luca Menegozzo - Double Bass
Andrea Bertoncello - Drums
Juan Carlos Rodriguez - Guitar on Rio de Rosa

Go, Boy, Go / Sleepin' (Under The Old Oak Tree) / I Don't Need / Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nut) / Back In The Cruel World / Goofin' Around / Misery / Where De Rio De Rosa Flows / Sweet 50's Gal / Cherokee Boogie / Red Headed Woman / When My Baby Left Me / Catfish Boogie / Daredevil Love / Just Because

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004