Joe Buck, Remember The Alimony!
Dept. of Ways & Means, DWM1009

Joe Buck is the name of the band, not the singer mind you. And Joe Buck is nothing like any rockabilly band I've reviewed here before. In fact they're not really rockabilly at all, although they were definitly influenced by many of the great artists from the fifties. So, why review this CD then? Well, that's because Tom Welsh (Dept. of Ways & Means) asked me by e-mail if the band would qualify for review on our website, and after listening to a sample (Jump Back) on their official website, I said "yes". Not that I'm sorry now that I did, because Joe Buck's "Remember The Alimony!" is definitly worth listening to. What then, I hear you ask, does Joe Buck play? In general, I think it's country-music, but they play it in their own orginal and sometimes weird style, with influences of both Hank Williams and The Eagles. Being a rock 'n' roll and rockabilly fan myself, I like the fast paced tracks best, songs like "Jump Back," "Second Kind Of Woman" and "Hillbilly Thunder Machine" are sure to move your feet. I really enjoyed listening to this platter, so I suggest you too keep an open mind and take some time to check out their website and listen to some samples, you will not be disappointed.  -The BlackCat, 2000-

Named for the naive dishwasher-turned-hustler played by Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, Joe Buck brings that square-jawed sincerity and misplaced-country-boy-silliness to its music without getting sucked in by the ill-fated desperation of Dustin Hoffman's Ratso Rizzo. Even on the reproving "Easy Street," which opens the band's debut "Remember The Alimony!" with a singular heartaching twang, it is clear these boys don't plan on ever really feeling down-and-out. Their laments are too funny - an empty bottle of rye and an asthma inhaler from Quebec, a lascivious girl with a drunk-frat-boy libido ("She's the pizza boy in every porno flick") - and their rowdy good times are too irresistible (bar brawls, discovery of the long-sought second kind of woman, and that crazy "Hillbilly Thunder Machine"). Honestly speaking, the members of Joe Buck have no reason to feel low; they've got good looks, good pedal steel, little ladies with pints of lager waiting in the wings, and one of the most enjoyable little-big-city-country thangs going since the Old 97's decided to write pop songs.  -SF Weekly-

No comparisons to be made... Joe Buck taking the stage followed by the gyrations of the two git-go She-Haw dancers and rumbling yows of the crowd, stomping along with the music, laughing along with the words, a standing-room only crowd gobbled jerky and drank bottles of Iron City.  -San Francisco Examiner-

The handsomest shit-kickinest six piece dulcet toned swanky roots band you'll ever know, with three-part harmony, thunder broom and a pedal steel player that will knock your socks off. Honest, these boys have played with the Ranchero Brothers, Gourds, Red Meat, Dread Zeppelin, Wilson Gil, Rube Wadell and nearly got beat up in Sacramento. Not one year old yet and this band has trojan-horsed its way to the top of the roots music scene in San Francisco. Finding all those other bands a bit too gentlemanly, Joe Buck has managed to make an audience shimmy and sweat with a thundering tonk that has impressed people of all sizes and shapes, rich and poor, famous and obscure.  -Dept. of Ways & Means-

Joe Buck are:
Swayback Dave, Vocals
Scott Balcerek, Guitar
David Knupp, Guitar & Mandolin
Erik Metzger, Bass Fiddle & Vocals
Rodeo Joe Hartnett, Pedal Steel
Chris Sipe, Drums & Vocals

Contact information:
Dept. of Ways & Means
P0 Box 424009
San Francisco, CA 94142-4009
Tel: 415.431.0343