Rumble & Twang, Jinx Jones
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"One thing that really sets Jinx Jones apart is his obvious knowledge and love of jazz and chords. Almost all of the solos feature a section that's a trip through chord-city. By the time the single notes start to fly, you're really impressed by his know-how." --Vintage Guitar Magazine--

Jinx Jones was probably the most acclaimed guitarist to come out of "Cow Town, Denver". He is best known locally as lead man in Jinx Jones and Friends and in The Tel Rays. Jinx Jones honed his musical skills on the burgeoning Denver original music scene of the 1970's and 1980's. With brief stints in both Los Angeles and Houston, Jones' studied music in concert halls, nightclubs, and theaters throughout the United States.

Jinx has led his own bands with significant success in both Colorado and California. His first showcase band was Jinx Jones and the Jaguars, who in the early 1980's had several records on regular rotation airplay in the Denver market. The band relocated to Los Angeles where they were immediately noticed by the musical press. Jinx also founded the popular band the Tel Rays in Los Angeles in 1982 that went on to tour with the Romantics and Willie DeVille.

Jinx Jones has lent his guitar-playing prowess to many artists and groups during his career; Solomon Burke, Howard Bomar, Chuck Berry, Roy Buchanan, to name but a few. Another dimension of Jinx Jones is his impressive songwriting. Winning several songwriters awards, Jones continues to write songs that explore unknown territory, while telling a story that can reach out and touch every listener. In 2000, Jinx Jones released his solo rockabilly CD, "License To Twang" which received stellar reviews from national magazines such as Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar, and Blue Suede News.

And now Jinx is proud to present his new release "Rumble & Twang". Not a bad title for an album with a large variety of guitar sounds, ranging from rockabilly to surf to bluesy rock. Jinx starts showing off his skills right away from track #1, a guitar instrumental with a rockabilly beat. Wow, this guy is really fast! The selfpenned "Either Way I Lose" keeps your feet boppin' with a greasy slapping bass, and the Johnny Horton original "I'm Coming Home" (played Jinx Jones style) is sure to rock your socks off.

"Swedish Pastry" is something else entirely, a jazzy song with a swing, a cewl walking upright bass and steel guitar by guest musician David Phillips. "Border Of Right And Wrong" is a selfpenned country tune, and right after that you are treated to a fantastic rendition of Roy Buchanan's "The Messiah Will Come Again". I've always loved this song, not the easiest exercise for any guitarist, but Jinx does the job as good as Roy Buchanan or Gary Moore did.

Anecdote: In 1984, Jinx asked to play several dates with American guitar legend Roy Buchanan. He recalls the impact and influence that Buchanan had on his concept of guitar. "I think that when I saw Roy play, with the ease and grace that he fully commanded at all times, I really saw the guitar as a whole new instrument." Jinx played with Buchanan through his Colorado tours in the summers of 1984 and 1985. One of Jinxs most treasured possessions is his guitar that Roy autographed with the caption, "Thanks forever."

From rock right back to authentic surf with the Lee Hazelwood's "Baja", a song I will always remember the way Jon & The Nightriders did it, with a lot of drum-power, but Jinx and his band deliver a neat version as well. Another Jinx Jones song "Mr. Right Now" is a pretty uptempo country song to dance to, and it shows that Jinx, being a master on the six strings, is a pretty good singer as well. Some more rockabilly with "Double Talk Baby", then onwards with a little bit of swing on "Street Shark" with Tony Bertke on the tenor saxophone.

Let's rumble with "Penetration", Link Wray style, followed by "Flat Gettin' It, Part 2", an acoustic version of track #1. The closing bonus track is a famous latin tune by Prez Prado, and even that is done extremely well by Jinx. A lot of different styles on this record, all excellent to brilliant, and (even though it's not rockabilly) with the fabulous "Messiah" as my favorite.

Flat Gettin' It / Either Way I Lose / I'm Coming Home / Swedish Pastry / Border Of Right And Wrong / The Messiah Will Come Again / Baja / Mr. Right Now / Double Talk Baby / Street Shark / Penetration / Flat Gettin' It, Part 2 / Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White

The musicians:
Jinx Jones - Vocals, Guitars
Joe Kyle - Bass
Jamie Lease - Drums
Caroline Dahl - Piano
David Phillips - Steel Guitar
Tony Bertke - Saxophone

Contact information:
Jinx Jones
1050 Franklin St. #602
San Francisco, CA
Phone: +1 415.440.6263 

Home Brand Records
P.O. Box 1520541 Turku

Biographical information provided by Jinx Jones, used with permission
Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007