Another Round, Jimmy and the Mustangs
JAM 2015


Jimmy and the Mustangs is an American roots rock band from Austin, TX. fronted by Jimmy Haddox. Emerging from the Punk Scene in Southern California during the 80's, Jimmy and the Mustangs played their first live show to a sold out audience opening for the renowned all girl band, The Go-Go's. At the time, the band's "root's music" was fueled by fury driven; gut wrenching guitars, not unlike their punk contenders of that era. As the band progressed, a more definitive sound began to evolve and Jimmy and the Mustangs carved out a style of Rockabilly and Swing unlike any other band in Los Angeles at the time.

From a write up from about Jimmy & the Mustangs:
"The sound Jimmy and the Mustangs embraces today is similar to the hard-core rock and roll they championed so many years ago in those early L.A. days. But, with Americana music spreading its wings and flying as a genre of relevance today's national roots audience is more than ready for the rock and thunder of Jimmy and theMustangs. It's very clear that (Jimmy) Haddox is aching to get this music out there and to relight a flame that is waiting to be lit." - Read more >>>


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