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Jimmi Accardi is a singer, song-writer, musician, and performer. As a teenager, he played backup guitar for such hit-makers as The Classics ("Till Then"), The Moonglows ("Sincerely"), The Belmonts ("Where or When"), and The Regents ("Barbara Ann"). Later he toured as the guitarist for Chubby Checker. Jimmi worked as a session guitarist for Rupert Holmes ("Escape" - the Pina Colada song) on the album entitled Rupert Holmes. He also recorded with Harry Nilsson. Jimmi's own group. The Laughing Dogs, enjoyed two critically acclaimed albums on Columbia Records (The Laughing Dogs and The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers) with original songs in the Billboard charts. Jimmi toured as lead guitarist for Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones of The Monkees. He also was lead guitarist for the Eddy Dixon Band, and played with Evan Lurie (The Lounge Lizards).

Jimmi's success with making hit records included working with producers Bruce Botnik and Eddie Kramer. In his two latest albums "Keep on Rockin'" and "Rock & Roll Party", Jimmi returns to his roots, with original rock and roll, rockabilly, and jump blues tunes. Jimmi's vocals and lead guitar are accompanied by his band The Wild Cats.

Jimmi Accardi is no paint-by-numbers retro rocker. He obviously studied the rockabilly style with all of its nuances and subtleties, and turned out an album that stands up respectably to the original music. Jimmi evokes a much truer sound with his instrumentation and delivery than groups who cashed in on the rockabilly craze of the 80's (Stray Cats, Blasters, etc.). With the swing band revival well beyond saturation, Jimmi may lead the way for a rockabilly rebirth in the new millenium. The album jumpstarts with the instrumental "Rollin' On Home." The party tune "Dance My Blues Away" and Jimmi's soulful vocals on "Promises of Love" are standouts. Instrumental tracks are sprinkled throughout, with "Real Real Gone" being so faithful to vintage rockabilly that listeners will be hard pressed to tell the difference. The songs clock in around 2 minutes in length in true rockabilly fashion. Overall, the album has that warm feeling of tube amps, reel-to-reel tape, and a small studio on the back streets of Memphis. Had the late Carl Perkins lived just a few more years to hear this, he would have undoubtedly embraced Jimmi as a kindred musical spirit." -- Steve Cagle, New Soul Revival --

Jimmi is also in another band, "Jimmi Accardi and The Gold Rush Boys" who recorded a CD titled "Songs of the Gold Rush". This album on the 1849 California Gold Rush tells the tale of one prospector's quest for riches and what he learned along the way. The songs tell the moving stories of the 49ers, who risked life and happiness to find gold in the far-away land of California. There are mentions of the historic mining towns of the California Gold Rush of 1849 - Placerville, Sutter's Mill, San Francisco - and some of the famous characters of the Gold Rush. Tales of hope, struggle, suffering, love left behind, and the ever-present bugs make these characters vivid and real. The music composed and arranged by award-winning songwriter Jimmi Accardi.

I've listened to both of Jimmi's albums. Although these are already a couple of years old (2000 & 2002) I hadn't heard them before. I happily surprised to find that both are indeed very good. Jimmi has a great voice, he plays a mean guitar, and his band The Wild Cats are absolutely a rockin' band to reckon with. My wife was standing behind me when I was doing this write up, and she asked me "who've you got there?". I was playing the song "Don't You Wanta Be My Girl", and she just loves saxophones. Myself, I really dig Jimmi's uptempo blues licks, like on "What's Wrong With You" and "I Don't Love You No More". Also and his twangy sound on "Rollin' On Home" is great. Superb albums, the both of 'em. Keep rocking Jimmi...

Jimmi Accardi & The Wild Cats are:
Jimmi Accardi - Vocals, Lead Guitar
J.D. Hamilton - Keyboards
Joe Thayer - Standup Bass
Doug Davies - Saxophone
Ken Burgan - Saxophone
Ty Smith - Drums

Contact Information:
Jimmi Accardi
P.O. Box 1181
Penn Valley, CA 95946
United States 

Information provided by Jimmi Accardi
Remarks by The BlackCat, 2005