It's Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me, The Jime 
Nervous Records, NERD102

The Jime is back! You betcha! The first chords of "It's Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me" already had shivers goin' up and down my spine. What a sound, full living stereo and what a bass on this Billy Joel original. Vince Gordon wrote: "From the first time I heard this song in 1984, I wanted to do a neo-rockabilly version of it. When I was pickin' out songs for this album I found an old tape of mine. It was one of only two tapes I put together when I was young and the ONLY ones I used to listen to, and sure thing this song was on it".

It only took Vince three minutes to write "There's A Thing About Love". Wow, wish I could write a review that fast. Listen to that guitar break howling through your speakers, awesome! Guitar breaks huh? Well, the super fast "Wanna Rock, Wanna Bop" has got FIVE. No kiddin'!! Vince 'The Guitar Wizard' Gordon at full speed! And like The Jime did "Train Kept A Rollin'" on their album "Mean Side of Town", they're now spawning a super neo version of Johnny Burnette's "Lonesome Train". Actually, this is a shorter version than the one they play on stage, Vince cut one solo out (that hurts) coz he figured it seamed to fit better on a recording...

Some authentic stomping rock 'n' roll is thundering in with "Rock It! Rock It", could have been a Wild Angels song, a basic pounding to get you in the groove. Vince Gordon about "Looking For A Girl Like You": It's a song about girls, cars and rock 'n' roll. What more do you need? Stop whining!"

The Tom Petty original "Learning How To Fly" was right up Vince's alley, and he just had to make a rockabilly version of it. And damn, does it rock! On "Had Enough Of Love" Vince recalls that he was very drunk when he recorded the guitar licks, a little drunk when he did the piano, and almost sober when he did the vocals. He says, "When you you record a good version, then the song is DONE and you can move on to the next song." Since this is the inevitable ballad, let's just do that and move on to some more rockin'...

"Around The World" is very happy basic rock 'n' roll song, Vince remembers he wrote this song the day his mother died, and he still wonders how he could write a joyfull song on a day like that. A friend suggested he might have had a co-writer! Some more excellent rockers pass the revue, the hot rockabilly song "Sign Of Terms", the bluesy "Time Gone By" and the fast neo-rocker "Wild, Wild, Wild". "Do It" is a basic revival rockabilly Stray Cats style song, written by Vince some 10 years, about time too he recorded it!

What's that I hear on "I Wanna Hold"? A Hammond organ? Right... Let's pretend I didn't hear that, and move on to the next song "Help", a Beatles original of course, that really didn't need rearranging I think, but Vince's guitar licks are great as ever. Last but not least "On The Other Side", one more Vince Gordon orginal is incomparable to anything you ever heard before and can only be labeled as "Jime Sound", lotsa echo, ultimate stereo, and Vince scorching his lead guitar. The entire album was produced, recorded and engineered by Vince Gordon. What a guy!

With the BlackCat at The Starsound Studio, Holland (March 13, 2003)

The Jime is:
Vince Gordon - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Hammond B3, Upright Bass, Drums
Kris "De Juke" Andersen - Upright Bass
Jan "Sticks" Frifelt - Drums - Backing Vocals

Vince Gordon passed away in 2016, please visit his tribute page:

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003