Great Big Beat, Jeff Potter 
El Toro Records ETCD 8010

When you heard of Jeff Potter before and you've had the chance to listen to his previous CD "Rhythm Riot", then I don't have to tell you what a great musician this man is! The BlackCat has done the review on that great album, with a biography on the man, so we can skip this and go right down to business on this new album of Jeff Potter: "Great Big Beat". This album came out in 2007, so I am a little late. But... this very album makes it all up to all you readers. Jeff Potter is known for his skills on the piano, drums, organ and lead guitar. You might say, he has done this CD on his own, but no, he's got himself a real good set of the best musicians around him that backs him up.

Well, I have to talk about this record as well. I say record because my daugther, she is twelve, saw this CD and said: "Hey dad, this looks funny!", so I had to explain that very old CD's are black and made of vinyl and we called them "records". We put this record, well it looks like an original old record, in our cd-player and turned up the volume. My daugther instantly shouted: "This is good old music!". Well, who am I to speak against that?

Okay, we open with "She Got A Great Big Beat" and that's exactly what it is, a realy steady Boogie beat with great piano playing. Next is "Allright With Me", with very nice played upright bass in a midtempo rockabilly beat. When we're done rockin' and boppin' on "When The Moon Came Up" it is time to rest a little with the instrumental "Golden Roll", where the bluespiano and organ are accompanied by great guitar moments! A beautiful ballad "I Can't Believe" is one to remember. "She's So Explosive" is just a great song with a deep background bass voice that's so often in those very good Doo Wop songs, I like that! "Time On My Hands" and "Somebody Loves You" both have that great Boogie Woogie pianoplay in it, and that is something different in the next song "High Octane", which is my personal favourite, and that's because of the pomping Rockabilly beat, yeah slap that bass!! "Kinda Lovin' Man" is yet a great song with a super guitarsolo, and if the voice of Jeff fits a song, this is it. Over to some real Rock 'n' Roll with "Let's go To The Moon", try to sit still with this one! If only I could play the piano as in this song...

Well, I have to cool down, and Jeff must have known it, he has got a heavy ballad next on the program, it's called "Modern Busy World" you must listen to the lyrics and think about that, before the world gets too busy. Then "Get Some Rest", well... this keeps me on my feet dancin', what rest? Oké it's time for the last ballad of this album "Some Of The Time" which sounds like it's written in the early eighties, nicely done. Last track; "The Romp". It's an instrumental with a solo part for every instrument, a great drummer who knows what he is doing, triple slaps of the bass where you don't expect it, great guitar licks, piano and organ... and it rocks too! Well what else can I say? I hope you love this CD as much as I do. I rate it five out of five stars!

She's Got A Great Big Beat / All Right With Me / When The Moon Comes Up / Golden Roll / I Can't Believe / She's So Explosive / Time On My Hands / Somebody Loves You / High Octane / Kinda Lovin'Man / Let's Go To The Moon / Modern Busy World / Get Some Rest / Some Of The Time / The Romp

"Great Big Beat" is made by:
Jeff Potter - Vocals, Piano, Drums, Organ
Graham Tichy - Lead Guitar, Bass, Harmony Vocals
Betsy-Dawn Williams - Tremelo Guitar, Backing Vocals (#4, #5 & #12)
Jim Haggerty - Bass (song #2,#9, #11, #13 & #15)
Todd Wulfmeyer - Bass (Song #7 & #12
Matt Mirabile - Lead Guitar (song #4 last 2 solos)

Jeff Potter also played Lead Guitar on songs #2, #13 & #15-first, second and fourth verses.

Contact information:
Jeff Potter
190 North Street
Northampton, MA
01060-2302, USA

Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008