Swing Into Action, Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts
El Toro Records ETCD3060

El Toro ETCD3060

El Toro ETCD2060

Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts hail from Sweden, the band was formed in 2000 and already have quite a good name on the rockabilly and western swing scene. They have released two full length CD's so far, the first being "What's Up Tonight" (ETCD-2060) and the second of course is this new release "Swing Into Action", both on the Spanish El Toro label. I associated the name Jed Clayton is immediatly with the old wild west, probably due to John Derek's character with that name in the 1953 Columbia Picture "The Last Posse".

But the band's music is not just country and western swing, it's also rockabilly, rhythm & blues and a bit of doo-wop, mixed in with some jazz & ragtime influences, mainly due to Per Dywling's trumpet. And you have to give the Rockabouts credit for producing an album entirely of original material, recorded and mastered at the Lonestar Recording Studios.

There are some fine authentic rockabilly recordings on this album, like "What You Do", "If You Want Me", "No No Baby" and the fabulous "Tarzan Rock", but the majority of the songs is more 40s style, rather than 50s rock 'n' roll. It is nevertheless a fantastic album, not in the last place because of Karin Sjöberg's excellent and sexy vocals. And for the jivers, there's more than enough on this platter to really Swing Into Action!

The Clayton Rag / Boogie Woogie Western Style / I Got You On My Mind / No One Else / Let Me Tell You / Wanderin' On My Own / Crazy For Your Love / Down In Mexico / What You Do / Jukejoint Mama / Boogie Woogie Shuffle / If You Want Me / Hold My Baby / It's Not Me Drinkin' That Bottle / A Lonely Heart / B-O-O-G-I-E- Makes A Boogie / Tell Me / Nothing To Be Compated To My Baby / Go For The Show / Tarzan Rock / No No Baby / The Secret Of Love / Pancake Boogie / I've Got You / Memories / Mr. Moon

Jed Clayton & The Rockabouts are:
Daniel Dywling - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Karin Sjöberg - Vocals
Andreas Carlson - Lead Guitar
Tommy Leidström - Bass
Markku Juvonen - Percussion
Janne Martensson - Percussion
Per Dywling - Trumpet
Sven Eriksson - Lap & Hip Steele

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003