Train Ain't Comin 'Round, Jason "Hoss" Hicks
Wild Hare Records RB05002

Enters Jason "Hoss" Hicks into the rockabilly ring. Jason recently signed to Wild Hare Records and is pleased as punch to see that his new 4 song 45 EP is hitting the market place. Jason, a boxer and prolific rocker, is recently best known as the front man for the Old Line Skiffle Band. This 45 EP is perhaps the best release to date by Wild Hare, says co-owner Dave Moore. Jason is an amazing songwriter and an amazing singer as well. His "24 Hours A Day" is as good as it gets. Full of raw power and expressive vocals. Jason is backed on the recordings by veteran artists Thommy Burns, the legendary Maynard Sheppard and the Helldivers. All songs were recorded live to glorious analog and then transferred to vinyl.

Liner notes:
When Jason Hicks isn't working his aggressions out in the boxing ring, he's working them out on the ol' six string. That's right, Jason ("Hoss" to his admirers) is both a boxer and a rockabilly star. It's fitting then that his music is as tough as it is, and packs such a punch. If you are unfamiliar with Jason's work with "The Steubenville Knights" or "The Old Line Skiffle Combo" let this no holds barred platter be your introduction. If you have heard those bands at Indy, Vegas or Greenbay Rockabilly festivals, you already know this boy can rock!

I first met Jason when he was a spectator at an Atomics show and was immediately struck by his enthusiasm for, and knowledge of all things rockin'. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with him on a variety of projects, this little gem being the latest. So get yourself a copy and go a couple of rounds in the rockabilly ring with Hoss.  ---Thommy Burns---

Session musicians:
Jason "Hoss" Hicks - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Thommy Burns & Ace Brown - Lead Guitar
Dave Moore & Thommy Burns - Bull Fiddle
Maynard Sheppard - Washboard
Ace brown - Drums

Contact information: 

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Phone: +1-304-258-0014

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