Jailbreak, Nicky Peck & The Folsom Prison Trio
Lassoe Records, LASREC 001

Nicky Peck & The Folsom Prison Trio show up on gig guides in the U.K. on a regular basis, so I guess some of you might have heard of this band. but I must sadly admit that I hadn't, not until their debut CD "Jailbreak" fell on my doormat. All eighteen tracks were recorded "the old way", meaning the guys did it all theirselves on a 4 track recorder in a small bedroom. And that's the way most of the now much appreciated obscure rockabilly was made in the fifties. Only, unknown bands in de fifties wrote most of their own material, while this CD is a collection of cover songs that are all pretty well known on the scene, starting off with Johnny Cash' "Folsom Prison Blues", obviously the song the band borrowed their name from, and the sound is not bad at all, considering the way it was recorded. Of course there's no way anyone can compete with Johnny Cash' voice, but Nicky Peck is doing a good job.

There's not much use in reviewing each and every track, because most of you will know all songs by heart. Passing the revue are Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Kenny Parchman, Jack Earls, Carl Perkins, Hank Williams, Andy Anderson, Warren Smith, Don Woody, Sleepy LaBeef, and then some. The band obviously has a special love for the old Sun sound. Overall, this is a pretty neat album, true to the original fifties sound, with good vocals, guitars and slapping bass. I feel that these guys can do a pretty good live show too, so it might be best to drop in at one of their gigs. I know I will, if they ever plan to do some gigs on the European main land.

Folsom Prison Blues / It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Baby's Gone / Beggin' Time / Cry, Cry, Cry / Treat Me Right / Hey! Jim / You Can't Make Love To Somebody / Window Shopping / Johnny Valentine / Train Of Love / Tonight Will Be The Last Night / Morse Code / I'm Through / Movie Magg / Alone With You / Sure To Fall / China Doll

The line-up:
Nick Peck - Vocals, Guitar
Geoff Newton - Lead Guitar
Rob Hourd - Upright Bass
Cliff Archer - Drums, Percussion

Contact information:

(UK) 01283-211631
(UK) 01159-194864

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002