Ramblin' + Boppin', Huelyn Duvall  
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5603

Born Huelyn Wayne Duvall on August 18, 1939 in Garner Texas, he got his first guitar when he was 14, most of the influences were the local radio which was country music. He graduated Huckabay Highschool in 1957. It was in nearby Stephenville that Huelyn got involved with recording. In 1956, while still in high school Huelyn met Lonnie Thompson (a lead guitarist) who was in college. They both liked the new rock 'n' roll music and started playing together. Lonnie found upright bass player Ralph Clark at another college close by and they began to work together. James Mathison, a drummer, joined the group shortly after and Johnny Thompson (Lonnie's twin brother) played rhythm guitar and sang backup vocals.

In the summer of 1957 Lonnie introduced Huelyn to Danny Wolfe, who was a musician, singer and songwriter. Danny had got Huelyn a contract with Challenge Records. At the first studio session they recorded "Teen Queen", "Comin' Or Goin'", "Boom Boom Baby" and "Pucker Paint". Grady Martin played lead guitar, Floyd Cramer on Piano, "Buddy" Harmon on drums, plus The Jordanaires. Huelyn was very disappointed that his own band was not used on the session.

Early 1958 Huelyn did a second session for Challenge. He recorded "Fools Hall Of Fame", "Friday Night On A Dollar Bill", "Hum-m-m-dinger" and "You Knock Me Out". On May 25, 1958, Huelyn had just recorded his third session at Owen Bradley's studio in Nashville. He recorded "Juliet", "Three Months To Kill" and "Little Boy Blue". "Three Months To Kill" was never promoted in the USA. After this session Huelyn kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. He signed a seven year acting contract with Republic Pictures to do a movie a year. Once again nothing ever happened.

Danny Wolfe built his own recording studio in 1958. They recorded the two remaining records on Starfire "Across The Aisle" and "It's No Wonder". Also on Twinkle records "Beautiful Dreamer" and "Tear Stained Letters". The studio musicians included a local songwriter and guitar player named Jimmy Green and Tooter Boatman's group The Chapperals. Danny wrote a lot of songs and Huelyn recorded most of them at one time or another.

In 1985 Huelyn was approached by Cees Klop (Collector Records) to perform in Europe. The first show was in Eindoven, Holland at the Rockhouse 25th Annual Rock and Roll Meeting with Eddie Bond and Janis Martin. Next it was to London for the famous "Mean Fiddler" venue produced by Willie Jeffery. The Dave Travis band backed him up on both shows. All the shows were sold out and the crowds were excited to see Huelyn back singing the great songs he had recorded in the 1950's.

Biographical information derived from a story by Johnny Vallis, 2001

And now we're writing 2003, and here are the new recordings by Texan rock 'n 'roll originator Huelvn Duvall and boy, do they bop. As with his last album "She's My Baby" (Brazos Valley Records BV3020), Huelyn has deliberately set out to capture the essence, spirit and feel of true fifties rock 'n' roll and it is to his everlasting credit that he has succeeded, and then some.

However there is one difference between this album and his last in that it was recorded in Sweden with top musicians Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers plus Boppin' Steve rakin' and poundin' the eighty-eight keys. Huelyn is one of the revered rock 'n' roll musicians in Europe and often tours there backed up by the afore mentioned Sweden's finest. Together they all make the dream music machine and, like Huelyn's music from the fifties, sweep all before them like a rockin' tornado.

Huelyn is justifiably renowned for his cult classics. On this release we are served up equally strong material such as the storming "Daddy's little Baby", "Blue Eyed Sally", the mid tempo rockin' of "My Girl Wears Long Hair", plus the wistful balladry of "The Matador" or "By And By". Most of the songs are self-penned by Huelyn, but he also wanted to include some songs that he used in his fifties stage act. Just listen as he wraps that unique singing style around "A Fool Such As I" or "It All Depends (Who'll Buy The Wine)".

A live appearance by Huelyn is a top rockin' event and the audience is always left exhausted, happy and wanting more. This album provides the flavour of his commanding stage presence and so, until he returns to perform down your way, slip this little shiner into the CD player, grab you partner and sling her over your shoulder (making sure she has clean underwear on) and rock.

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Liner notes by Tony Wilkinson, May 2003