Wild Bob Burgos & Screaming Lord Sutch

On the subject of Wild Bob Burgos & Friends, Raucous has issued 2 CDs that feature the tattooed sledgehammer of rock 'n' roll. The first one is titled "Houserockin'" by Wild Bob Burgos & The Dreadnoughts, the second one is a CD/EP release of Screaming Lord Sutch, with Bob Burgos on drums of course.

Houserockin', Wild Bob Burgos & The Dreadnoughts
Raucous records, RAUCD 068

Houserockin' was recorded late 1999 / early 2000 with the Swedish band The Dreadnoughts in the Blue House Studios (Arvika, Sweden). On four tracks there is a guest appearence of the well known boogie woogie and rock 'n' roll pianist Kenneth Swanström. Burgos has been the leading man on drums in the European rock 'n' roll scene for decades, but besides being a hard hitter, he is also a pretty good songwriter. You will find eleven selfpenned tracks on this album, plus one cover. And Bob does all the singing himself too. He's no Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley of course, but his raw screaming voice and his infinite energy make his recordings and performances an experience, time and time again.

As usual with Bob's recordings, the music is a mix of American and European rock 'n' roll and rockabilly, flavoured with some pounding rhythm & blues. The first track "From London To Chicago" is a vast example of that statement, a stompin' R&B song with guest musician Peter Lindmark on harmonica. The title song "Houserockin'" is pure rock 'n' roll in Bob's own Shotgun style. The same goes for "Just Passin' By", a rocker with a Chuck Berry kinda instrumental break. "Moonshine" is a steady piano rocker with Kenneth hitting the keys and "Two Timin'" is a pepped up country song which clearly shows that Bobs raw voice is not really cut out for this. He does a lot better on "Let The Good Times Roll Again", a crazy rhythm song that with lots of echo on the vocals, which reminds a bit of Cavan Grogan's style.

"Honest I Do" is a love song, but the rawness of Bob's voice and the R&B harmonica don't really add anything to Jerry Reed's original. "Are You Still Rockin'" and "Rockabilly Star" is the British rockabilly that Bob is best known for. Sure to move your feet. Some more R&B in "I'm Nobody's Fool" and the band really gets that rock 'n' roll feel on "Rollin' The Dice", a great fast paced piano rocker. As usual on Bob's albums, there always one or two instrumentals, and this CD is no exception. The closing track "The Moose Is Loose" is an instrumental R&B song with guitar, piano and harmonica.

Bob Burgos' two-dozen-or-so albums always delivered a steady quality, so does this one, but it does not stick out above the rest. The album is dedicated to the memory of Bob's long time friend and fellow rocker "Screamin' Lord Sutch". Together they toured Europe for more than 20 years.

Also to commemorate a year since the untimely death of the King of Horror Rock 'n' Roll, Raucous issued a CD/EP with three previously unissued tracks.

Midnight Man, Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
Raucous records, RAUCD 070

Lord Sutch was a unique performer, his mixture of Rock 'n' Roll and Horror was groundbreaking in the early 1960's when he released his classic 'Jack The Ripper'. He was also known for his political antics, primarily in the 60's with the Teenage Party, and later with The Monster Raving Loony Party.

The cover of the CD shows David Edward Sutch, better known as Screaming Lord Sutch, as an axe murderer. The picture was taken in 1979 and Bob Burgos, although he had been in the business for over a decade, looks pretty young to me. Besides Sutch and Burgos, Ian 'Houndog' Terry and Rob 'Apeman' Murly are also present on these tracks, recorded in the early eighties. "Midnight Man" and "Thumpin' Drum", both written by Lord Sutch, were recorded in 1982, and "Scream And Run", written by Bob Burgos, was recorded in 1984. If you like Sutch's "Rock And Horror" album (Ace, LP CH 65) and "Murder In The Graveyard" (Fury FCD 3023), you will find that these tracks are a nice addition to your monsterrock collection.

The BlackCat, 2000

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