Hot Rod Daddy, The Rhythmatics
NBT Records #878

This guy Del Clark doesn't fool around, the way he hits off on the title track "Hot Rod daddy", I had goosebumps all over me. I usually use a small, but pretty good, stereo set connected to my PC when I write reviews, but the first tones from this album made me switch to my "big" set, with the active bass woofer and all, to listen to this platter.

The superb scorching of the lead guitar and the hard thumping on the slap bass goes on right into the next tracks "Diamond Lane" and "Moonshine Stomp". Did I catch your attention yet? This rockabilly group hails from Central Florida and this CD is a fine example of their extraordinary talent, not only as musicians, but also as songwriters. Members of this group wrote nine of the ten songs included on this album. Del Clark is credited for all of the "hot guitar licks" as the band's lead guitarist. Chuck Zaylas' talent on the slap bass is showcased on several of the songs. Tom Pearce is stationed at the drums while the lead singing chores are assumed by Paul Rothenburger.

These guys are jittered with energy, singer, guitarist, slapper and drummer alike. And they all yell out the backing vocals as if their lives depended on it. Rockabilly, hard knocking and straight from the heart, the only way rockabilly should be, you'll find it right here on this album. A crowd favorite, this group is very electrifying as live stage performers. From time to time The Rhythmatics have had Dale Brooks as a guest star for their performances. Dale's rendition of "Ambridge Boogie" recorded in 1958 has made him a favorite "Rockabilly Veteran". Dale Brooks wrote Track #4 of this CD entitled "Momma Likes To Boogie". This composition was written in the 1950's and it is released on this CD for the first time.

And the rockin' doesn't stop, it goes on and on for half an hour, with Del Clark getting the most out of the six strings, going 'total' on "Rock That Rhythm". Not for the faint hearted, and not for those rockabillies that enjoy their collection sitting in grandfather's rocking chair with a head-set on. You just gotta throw back the rug, kick off your shoes, and move your feet when you hear this! Check out Chuck torturing the bass strings on "Rhythmatic Rock". Oowwhh!

Hot Rod Daddy / Diamond Lane / Moonshine Stomp / Momma Likes To Boogie / Rockin' Lil' Ford / Last Laugh / Rock That Rhythm / Chester Bop / You're Done / Rhythmatic Rock

The Rhythmatics are:
Paul Rothenberger - Vocals
Del Clark - Guitar
Chuck Zayas - Upright Bass
Tom Pearce - Drums

Contact information:
The Rhythmatics
1509 W. Winnemisset Ave.
Deland, Florida 32720
Phone: +1-386-740-7341

NBT Records
228 Morgan Lane
Berkeley Springs
WV 25411 - USA
Phone: +1-304-258-3656

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004