Hot Guitars, Legends & Legacies  
NBT Records #797, 2002

This CD was the brainchild of David Moore. Dave brought his idea to NBT Records and after several months in the making he proudly presents this finished product. Keith Anderson, Billy Adams, Dale Brooks and Vernon Taylor are indeed legends. All four of these performers recorded in the 1950's and were pioneers in a field of music that today has come to be known as rockabilly. Spit Fires, Johnny B. Rebb, The Hale Bops, The Sanders Sisters, The Ego Tones, White Lightning, and The Saddle Pals are contemporary groups who have kept this sound alive.

Keith Anderson (1933-1985) - This CD is proudly named for Keith Andersons release of "Hot Guitars" which originally appeared on John Bays's Cozy Record label. Anderson also had releases on the Ran-Del and Country labels. His output of music was cut short after losing his battle with cancer but the platters that Anderson did leave behind attests to his ability as a musician. Keith is featured on NBT Records on CD #710.

Billy Adams - In 1955 Billy Adams recorded his first session for Quincy Records. The song, "Rock, Pretty Mama" was released by the label in 1957. Throughout the 50s and 6Os, Billy would have more releases on the DOT, NAU-VOO, and FERN labels. He continues to be an active part of the music scene today via live performances and his current recordings. The tracks heard here are from 1958 and 1959 Nau-Voo releases.

Dale Brooks - Dale was born in 1931 and raised in West Virginia. He wrote the Ambridge Boogie (circa 1951) and recorded it in 1958 in the studios of radio station WCST in Berkeley Springs, WV. it was originally released on Cozy Records and has subsequently been released on several other labels. Dale began performing in the 1940s and continues to do so today despite the loss of his left arm in a motorcycle accident. After the mishap, Dale switched to the trumpet and a special made keyboard unit. He is a prolific song writer and has released 2 CDs on the NET label (#701 - The Ambridge Boogle) and (#703 - Eat More Possum).

The Hale Bops - This group halls from Sweden and features Fireball Steven on vocals with Bee-Jay on guitar and Ricky James on Bass. Spinno handles the percussion. The group was formed in 1998 and have several vinyl releases to their credit. "Jessie" was formerly released on Fireball Records; whereas, "Way Deep Down In Dixie" makes it debut on this CD.

The Ego Tones - The actual names of this group are being withheld to protect the innocent. The lead singer of this outfit is so egotistical that he thinks every female from the Mona Lisa to Miss Piggy is in love with him. Warning: This group is still on the loose and could be in your nelghberhood . This group has NO former releases on NBT Records (or any other label) and probably never will!!

Johnny B. Rebb - John Mark Hott's recording career began in the late 70s and early 80s with Sear Records. He was then known as The Lone Star. Hott plays many different instruments and often his recordings are solely his work with all of the tracks being independently laid. On the cut heard here, however, John Mark is accompanied by lead guitarist Dave Moore and this vintage sound is a product of the New Hope Recording Studio. "Here's To The Good Times" is a CD by John Mark Hott (a.k.a. Johnny B. Rebb) that was released on NET Records #795 and is a great example of Hott's musical and writing abilities.

Vernon Taylor - Vernon is a veteran performer whose earlier career included cuts on DOT and SUN Records in the 1950's. Vernon has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows over the years, including Dick Clarks American Bandstand. Vernon still performs both in the USA and Europe and is always a favorite of the audience. NBT Records has proudly released two 45s of this legendary performer (NBT #110 & NBT #112).

The Saddle Pals - This contemporary group consists of Dave Moore (lead guitar and vocals), Bob Butler (rhythm guitar & vocals) and Wendy LeBeau (slap bass). This assemblage of younger musician captures the sound of vintage music as can he heard on both of their cuts on this CD which were recorded at Lance LeBeaus Vinylux Studio using vintage 1950's equipment. The Saddle Pals also have a CD released on NBT Records #710 ("Many Faces") as well as two 45s (NBT #111 and NBT#113).

The Sanders Sisters - Linda Caidwell, Carol Chancy and Cathy DeLawder are the Sanders Sisters. As a family trio they have sung together since they were small children. Much of their output is gospel music but featured here are two secular songs for your enjoyment. Cathy does the lead vocals on the cuts heard here which were recorded at the New Hope Recording Studio.

Spit Fire - Linda Forsthe is the female vocalist heard on the two Spitfire tracks. She is accompanied by Dave Moore on lead guitar and Matt Ernst on slap bass. These tracks were recorded in 1994 but were unreleased until now.

White Lightning - Another group who was formerly centered in the Hagerstown, Maryland area, and had some members who were parts of other assemblages on this CD. Bob Butler does the lead vocals for this group as well as bass. Once again he is joined by lead guitarist Dave Moore. White Lightning also has several cuts which appear on NBT CD #710.

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