Get Gone - Hopped Up!
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5620

Hopped up (adj): <slang> a car modified for speed
Hopped up (adj): <slang> very much excited or stimulated as by drugs
Hopped up (adj): <slang> high-octane rockabilly from Northern CA

Hopped Up! has been discribed as "Roots Rockabilly with a Twist"! This hard-working, hard-rocking 5 piece band serves up high octane Rockabilly and Honky Tonk with a dash of Surf and Psychobilly for good measure. Bursting into the scene 2002 Hopped Up! has had the pleasure of supporting U.S. acts such as Wayne Hancock, Deke Dickerson, Cave Catt Sammy, The Paladins and the Dusty 45s to name a few. They have played close to 100 shows so far. The band recently signed with the German Rockabilly label Rhythm Bomb and appears there with the debut album Get Gone!

Hopped Up are a 5-piece Rockabilly- and 50s Rock'n'Roll Combo from Northern California who plays a fantastic mixture of authentic Rock'n'Roll sounds and Hi-Octane-Hot Rod Music. Most of the tracks like Bop House, Get Gone, Don't Make Me Holler, Bigelow-6-200 or Carl Perkins' That Don't Move Me are sung by Scotty "Scootchy McBoozy" Bruemmer but there's also a lot of fine duet material like Rock & Roll Rocket or Little Pig. The big part of the 12 songs is composed by Scotty and Ralp Rodriguez, the guitar man of the combo. The CD has a nice booklet which includes nearly all lyrics and a great stylish outfit. You better throw this fine silver thang in your local troublemaker and GET GONE!!!

Bop House / Don't Make Me Holler / That Don't Move Me / Rock & Roll Rocket / Get Gone / Old Cars / Little Pig / Drinkin' That Gin Again / Bigelow 6-200 / Hopped Up! / Bad Girl Boogie / Hot Car Girls

Hopped Up are:
Shawn Burrell - Slap Bass
Justin Barr - Guitar
Scotty Shanks-Bruemmer - Vocals
Ralph Rodriguez - Guitar, Vocals
Gary Daly - Drums

Information & bookings: 
Phone: +1 707 849 1893

Rhythm Bomb Records
PO Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Mr. Firecreek, 2004