Hip Shakin' Baby, Rocky Burnette & Darrell Higham
Rockstar RSRCD 021

It's now just over 20 years ago that I saw Rocky Burnette live on stage for the first time, and I was immediatly impressed then and there. Not just because he is the son of the legendary Johnny Burnette, the man who has earned his place in the top ten of every rockabilly fan, but because he was (and still is) a great performer. His CD's "Get Hot Or Go Home" and "Tear It Up" are still among my all time favorites today...

And now the man has teamed up with my favorite guitar slinger of nowadays; Darrel Higham. I just did a quick database search of albums that Darrel was involved in, in one way or another, and it reported over 30 albums... and I know that my Darrel Higham collection is far from complete, this guy has sure been busy over the past decade!

This coallition of rockabilly giants has resulted in the release of the Rockstar album "Hip Shakin' Baby", and it promises great entertainment on a total of 19 songs, with Rocky and Darrel taking turns on the vocals. The tracks include tributes to Johnny and Dorsey Burnette and a large scale of well and lesser known classics of an era that will never be forgotten. The last three (bonus) tracks were recorded live in March 2000 at KFJC Studios, California, for Big Myke Destiny's Radio Show and the studio tracks were recorded on the other side of the big pond, at Sweet Georgia Browns Unit in London, UK.

There's really no need to review every tracks separately, because most songs, if not all, will sound quite familiar to the dedicated rockabilly fan. Hearing Rocky and Darrel perform these classics is a feast for everyone's ears. Just slide the platter in your CD-player, jukebox, PC, or whatever you are using, and turn up the volume. Don't hold back now, be a bad boy... and never mind the neighbours! Have yourself a ball!

Hip Shakin' Baby / Believe What You Say / Kiss Me Sweet / Hey Pretty Baby / Here Comes That Feelin' / Gypsy Woman / Bertha Lou / My Heart / Whenever You're Ready / Don't Leave Me This Way / It's Late / Pure Love / My One Desire / Just A Little Too Much / Waitin' In School / One Of Those Mornings / Tear It Up / Lonesome Tears In My Eyes / Please Don't Leave Me

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002