Jerry Reed - Here I Am
Bear Family BCD16306AM

Without a doubt Jerry Reed is known for his amazing guitar finger-picking style and outstanding records released by RCA Records since 1965, but, despite Jerry himself used to tell that his career began in that year when producer Chet Atkins started producing his recordings, there was a non success period in which Reed worked for Capitol Records and recorded a lot of delicious Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Honky Tonk and Fifities Pop songs which now, I thank heaven!, Bear Family has compiled on this CD.

Reed's first recordings from 1955 to 1958 reveal a great honkytonker; just listen to I'm Tired Of Playing Cupid that remained unissued till now, there are some Honky Tonk Jimmy Dickens style tracks like I'm A Lover Not A Fighter but also Hank Williams influenced ones like Too Busy Crying The Blues. With the discovering of R&R music Reed started penning rockin stuff for other artists, (Crazy Legs recorded by Gene Vincent and many many more), and began playing guitar in several bands and many recording sessions also for other artists. At that time he recorded extraordinary samples of Rockabilly music at its best like When I Found You or If I Have Had Enough...

In this CD you'll find the seeds of the great popular success which reed would achieve few years later and it will make you think about how great could him have been in Country or Rockabilly music if he had found his own way at golden age of the genre.

Carlos Diaz, Rock Therapy Magazine 1999