Mekonium Rock, Hemenex
Indie Label, Unknown

From Austria some real wild rockabilly and teddyboy sounds come drifting in, Hemenex has arrived! Mekonium Rock is the title of this wild and raw platter, and also the title of first song. "Mekonium Rock" is a danceable song and shows the band's intention: wild rock'n'roll, booze, women and a good breakfast. "Rockabilly Baby" is also making your legs move and wanna do the pogo with a glass of beer or Jack D. in your paws. Track three is the band's personal anthem: Hemenex. Wild and raw again and funny lyrics, allthough xxx-rated, but who cares, a great song and guaranteed to make the crowd go wild!

Next track opens up with a great lick on the Gretsch, catchy tune, great lyrics, hey a great song too, this is what wild rock'n'roll is all about. What's a good rock'n'roll album without a motorcycle song? That's exactly what the guys of Hemenex thought: "Feeling Free On My Harley D". Next one is a teddyboy stomper called "Fight Tonight", a classic tune, well, it should be soon! "Paint it Black" a Rolling Stones classic, and the only cover on this album, sounds surprisingly well in a rockabilly line up. Having heard this CD now a couple of times I must conclude it's a great album for every teddyboy and rockabilly lover.

Mekonium Rock / Rockabilly Baby / Eat Hemenex / Never Forget / Harley D. / Fight Tonight / Girl For me / Paint it Black / Rock 'n' Roll Show

Joe Heart - Guitar, Blues Harp, Vocals
Tomy L. - Drums & Percussion
RTK - Double Bass, Vocals

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2007