Voodoo, The Hel-Gators
Pyros Records PYROS006

There were two men - Drummer & singer J. Hel-Gator and Guitarist Jama, who've been friends for a lifetime. In Summer 2003 - during one jam session - they realized they both had a samekinda dream - they hadn't reach: a raw sounding rockabilly trio. It took one more year of dreaming, untill they had their act together. July 2004 - the missing link was found - 17-year old slappin' bassist Taneli joined the group and The Hel-Gators was born.

"Our music is basicly pure Rockabilly. And our main influences are the 50's rockabilly giants like Charlie Feathers, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette, to mention a few - but the craziest of them were true hillybillies from southern countryside, from behind the barn. We come from the suburbania of east Hel-sinki, from the scene of concrete towers and asphalt yards. And hey it's 21st century - that's why we sound the way we do!"

"The Hel-Gators debut album "Voodoo" is a journey into the world of rockabilly, on it's creepy side and the ride is scary - indeed!" The Hel-Gators had sessions for four months, recording every minute of their sessions - untill they had fourteen hours of music on tape: takes, retakes, alternative takes, with chancing arrangements. After that period they started to seach from the material the essence of The Hel-Gators. The Ghost chase was on. And soon they were ready to introduce the backbone chilling results! Now the debut album is out and those haunted tracks can be heard! Voodoo includes 12 songs. There are subterranean mystery, murder mania, obsessions, hot women, men burning with desire, love confessions, lust, horror, betrayal and crazy party moods.

"VOODOO is a true "Film noir" -album. From fastforward suburbanian Garagebilly to urban countryswing. All together, it includes original sounds from the source, that true rock'n'roll is made of."

The Hel-Gators liveset includes Sun records 50's classics like: Shake Around, Drinkin' Wine, Viberate & Put Your Cat Clothes On. And some strange way they bring them back in life to 21st century. In their sound has also blended feelings from the 80's rock'n'roll - that J. & Jama listened as kids: Cramps and Meteors PsychoBilly, Pirates Telecaster trashing, early Stray Cats Punkabilly and Surrealblues of Gun Club. The Hel-Gators live act is an original mixture of all that. But the true backbone of the show is in their own classics. Songs they introduced in their debut album: Voodoo! Singer, drummer J.Hel-Gator is extraordinary show man, with original strong voice. His forcing staitbeat and swinging suffle leaves nobody cold. What a banger! Guitarist Jama - The Gator-scientist who finds from his Telecasters the violent over tone as well as bluesy moods. Slappin' bassist Taneli, is the rookie and gives for the band young energetic boost. He's got style, attitude and nice nuances in his playing.

Voodoo / Skeleton Jacket / I Came Too Late / Barbarella / Bone Town / Red Pony Tail / Only Me Came Back Home / Something Weird / Zombie Dance / Reelin', Rockin' & Shake! / Hot Rod Baby / Burry Them Hatches

The Hel-Gators are (L2R):
Jama - Guitars
J. Hel-Gator - Vocals & Drums
Taneli - Slappin' Bass

Contact information:
Jussi "Hel-Gator" Sydänmäki
Nordenskiöldinkatu 10 A 19
00250 Helsinki
Phone: +35 8505621404


Courtesy of Jussi Sydänmäki, 2007