I'll Never, The Heartbreakers
Foot Tapping Records, FT005

The Heartbreakers were formed in October of 1999. Peter Hutton (the lead singer) had arranged a booking with Barry Argent for the Richmond British Legion, the only problem was he still didn't have a band. Through contacts from a previous band he met Rob Davis (the bass player) and Rob recommended a guitarist by the name of Brent Allison. These three had a couple of practises together and they were desperately searching for a drummer to finish the line up. By accident Peter happened to meet an American chap at a rock and roll club (Lance Larsen) who said he used to play drums. After careful consideration (30 seconds) Pete said "right, you're in the band".

Peter used to play with a band called "Late night set", playing Cliff and the Shadows, but he's also a big Elvis fan. Brent Allison used to play with a band called "Memphis Suns" playing exclusively Elvis. Lance Larsen played with a band called "Rebel Yell" and Rob Davis has played with Sophie Garner, "Jack King and the Aces", and "Now Dig This" to name a few. The first album "Cut & Run" was recorded at Mick Wigfall's North London studios, and released on Burntoutvalve records in 2001.

At a jukebox fair at Kempton Park, The Heartbreakers bumped into Clive from Foot tapping Records, who'd seen The Heartbreakers at a gig in Farnham and was interested in recording the band. The result is this 2nd full length CD release titled "I'll Never", which is also the opening track, written by Peter Hutton. Peter's tremndous voice has no troubles whatsoever with any of the songs from rock 'n' roll greats like Wayne Walker, Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly and James Intveld. Brent Allison's original "Crazy Little Baby" is an great original rockabilly song with fearsome slapping by Rob Davies. The mix of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and a shot of rhythm & blues stands for a lot of variety throughout the album. The last track is also my favorite track on this album. This fabulous Bo Diddley song titled "You Don't Love Me" is given the rockabilly treatment and the outcome is a foottapping rockabilly blues stomper. The tracklisting, however, states that the song is titled "Who Do You Love" (another Bo Diddley masterpiece), but intended or not (because there is also a cover of Jay Swan's "You Don't Love Me" on this album), this is obviously wrong.

I'll Never / You've Got Me / Crazy Little Baby / Perfect World / Hep Cat Craze / Modern Don Juan / You Don't Love Me (Jay Swan) / My Girl / My Heart Is Aching For You / Half Your Heart / No Reason / You Don't Love Me (Bo Diddley)

The Heartbreakers are:
Peter Hutton - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Brent Allison - 2nd Vocals, Lead Guitar
Rob Davies - Backing Vocals, Double Bass
Lance larsen - Drums

Contact information:
Peter Hutton
3 Brightside Ave.
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 1NE England

Foot Tapping Records
28 Cranford Avenue
Church Crookham
Fleet, GU52 6QU U.K.
Phone: +44 (0)1252 627395


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004
Additional information by Peter Hutton