Haunt This Guitar: A Tribute to Link Wray
Cracked Piston Recordings CPR-025

If wild, crazy, hot rodding gee-tar instrumentals are your cup of tea, then this disc is just what the doctor ordered! Starting out with some rattlesnake sounding maracas on "Lone Pine" (by The Ballistic Cats), the mood is set. Grungy, slimy, tremolo-laden guitars with a swampy groove…Link most certainly would have approved! Next up, The Cadillac Angels, led by the slinky guitar of Tony Balbinot, ooze their way into "Snakin' Around". By the time The Trailer Park Tornados start up "Italian in the Old West", you'll be looking around for Clint Eastwood vanishing into the sunset on a ghostly horse!

"Broken Stiletto" (again by The Ballistic Cats) brings to mind late era Link Wray. If this song doesn't put your pedal to the metal, you might as well park that hot rod Ford next to granny's Subaru! The Cadillac Angels pull off a memorable version of "Apache". Kudos to them for contributing this!

The only song that doesn't really seem to fit is the closing track "Walk On Little Charlie". Don't get me wrong; it's a great song but its a bit more country/folk. It's also the only track on the CD with vocals!

All proceeds from the sale of Haunt This Guitar will be going to educational projects and programs on the Hopi Indian Reservation, so not only will you be getting yourself a GREAT rock & roll guitar CD (perfect for cruising in your hot rod) but you can also feel good about putting your hard earned money to good use! Really kids, this is a MUST HAVE for your collection! BOP!

Lone Pine (BC) / Snakin' Around (CA) / Italian in the Old West (TT) / Broken Stiletto (BC) / Apache (CA) / Sleepy Time (TT) / Swamp Cooler (CA) / Tomales (BC) / Sacred Mesa / Switchblade Comb (TT) / Fast Freight (CA) / Zawgigon (CA) / Walk on Little Charlie (CA)

BC - Ballistic Cats / CA - Cadillac Angels / TT - Trailer Park Tornados

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Reviewed by Memphis Mike, 2008
Used with permission