Fireball Steven & The Hale Bops, Authentic 50s Rockabilly
Fireball Records

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Hale Bop's started out in the spring of 1998, when vocalist Nic Nilsson (Fireball Steven) and drummer Patrick Spanden (Spinno) got the idea an authentic 50s rockabilly band, while visiting . Whem the guys were at the Hemsby Rockabilly Weekender they got in touch with slapp bass player Olof Hedebrand and guitarist Brje h (B-J Buick). They decided to get together and it felt right from the very first moment. After a few month of rehearsing, the Hale Bop's pleyed their first gig for an audience in February 1999.Since then they have played all over Sweden, did a week tour in Finland and several gigs in Norway.

In 2001 they did a tour in Finland together with rockabilly legend and Sun artists Vernon Taylor. They also headlined on a lot of other festivals in Sweden and in November 2001 they are planning a tour of Holland and Germany.

The band cut their first EP in June 2000 for Fireball Records. The vinyl EP contains four songs, two of which are selfpenned orginals. All tracks were recorded at Joe Allan Recording Service in Halstahammar, Sweden. Side one starts with a mysterious UFO sound followed by Brje h's "Hale Bop's Coming", a slow paced 50s style rockabilly track with some cool guitar licks. Second song is a cover Jerry Arnold's "Can't Do Without You" (Rollin' Rock 037). Flip over the record and you are treated with an original, written by Nic Nilsson, titled "Jessie". A song that could easily be mistaken for obscure 50's rockabilly, the kind you would find on various Buffalo Bop and Desperate compilations, it's got some great lead guitar and thumping slapp bass. Very well done. The last track is a pretty good cover of Pat Cupp's classic "Don't You Do Me No Wrong". It really is a very good debut record.

Mid 2001, the Hale Bop's are back with their second EP, again released on their own Fireball label. The record was recorded in Nic's bedroom with a 50s amplifier, an old tape echo, a Binson Iron echo, using three microphones. This EP also contains 2 selfpenned tracks. Both EP's can be obtained directly from the band.

In October 2002 Nic Nilson writes me "Please note that we now are using Fireball Steven in front of the Halebops, we think it suits us better to have a long name". With the name change also comes a pretty heavy new 45. Heavy, because it's pressed like 78 and thick as a brick. Sound is pretty cool, as on all other Halebops recordings. The 45 contains two new selfpenned tracks "I'm In Love" b/w "Way Deep Down In Dixie".

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, additional info by Nic Nilsson