The Sensational Guitar Sound of Marco Di Maggio (Vol. 1)
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This is the 11th Album released by Marco Di Maggio. An instrumental double with 20 tracks, composed by 75% of instrumentals: Rockabilly, R'n'R, Surf, Western Swing, Swing, Fingerpicking at top world level.

Marco Di Maggio has been recognized by the International press as one of top world's R'n'R guitarist. His brilliant musical background covers many styles, ranging from Rockabilly, Power Surf, R'n'R, Neo Swing, Country and Blues. He performed in more than 20 countries all over the globe, from Usa to China, appearing at top meetings as:

Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 (CH), Viva Las Vegas 2000, 2001 (USA), Grand Ole Opry 2001 (USA), The Olimpic Games In Turin - Italy 2006 , Jackson R'N'R Fest 2000 (USA),Green Bay 50'S Fest 2002 (USA), The Rockabilly Rave '98, 2001 (UK), The Eddie Cochran Weekend '99, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 (UK), Munchen R'N'R Fest 2002 (D), The Summer Jamboree 2002, 2006 (Italy) and many more.

Marco Di Maggio collected important collaborations with many R'n'R legends such as: Johnny Farina (Santo & Johnny), Slim Jim Phantom (Straycats), Terry Williams (Dire Straits), D.J. Fontana (Elvis' Drummer), Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Sister), Robert Gordon, Billy Lee Riley, Gene Vincent's Blue Caps, also appearing on the same bill as Scotty Moore, Little Richard, The Comets just to name a few from a list of over 50 artists.

Terry Williams, the Dire Straits drummer, said about him: "I played with the greatests, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Albert Lee and I can say that Marco Di Maggio is one of them" . Marco Di Maggio released 10 cd's, 1 teaching video, 1 videoclip, appearing in more than 35 international compilations. His distinctive and innovative playing permitted him to perform in front of all kind of audiences and to be appreciated from Rockers, Heavy Metal fans, Jazz musicians and also alternative Rock listeners. He writes his own music with personality, mixing up an explosive cocktail of different

With this double album, he shows his dexterity, versatility and maturity in music, where his extraordinaire technique and music taste are now at top world's level. 20 tracks, 5 of them with vocal parts and the rest completely instrumental, where Marco plays all the instruments: Guitars, Double Bass, Bass, Guitarron, Drums, Vocals, just assisted on a couple of tracks by the Sax player Chris Pacini and Vibraphonist Franky Palermo.

Several original numbers penned by Marco and some guitar standards as Tiger Rag, San Antonio Rose and Lover... Rockabilly, Western Swing, Fingerpicking, Surf, Country, Jazz and more... a various album where Marco's Gretsch is the main theme, one hour of pure, genuine Rockin' & Swingin' highlights.

Disc 1: San Antonio Rose - Egno - Lover - Polka Dots & Moonbeans - Tiger Rag - I Love You Because - Pink Thunderbird - Lula'S Memories - Ta Dah - Tonite Will Be The Last Nite

Disc 2
Cherokee - Surfandango - All By Myself - Silver Moon - Tokyo Affair - Mr. Sandman - Superpicking Polka - Forever - Bruno - R'N'R' Blues

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Di Maggio at Marco Di Maggio Studio, Florence, Italy, during year 2012, except a few tracks previously recorded. Marco recorded the entire album by himself, playing all the instruments: Guitars, Bass, Double Bass, Guitarron, Drums, Vocals. Chris Pacini plays Tenor Sax on track n 2 disc two Franky Palermo plays Vibraphone on track n 5 disc two.

Cover art by: Irene Fabrizio
Final Optimization by Armando Autieri
Photos by Irene Fabrizio

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