Burning Hot, The Grizzly Family
Calavera Records CR0401

1982 - Vienne (30 km south of Lyon, France) - Following the tracks of the Bopkats, Dazzlers and The Snappin' Boys, The Casas brothers, with Mickey "Big Claws" Pujol, hit the roads and they pour out their wild thouroughbred rock 'n' roll.

1984 - The band disperses, some members form Los Mescaleros (JP, Al, Jo their brother Tonio), Mickey joins The Happy Drivers and later on, Jo creates The Wakes.

1993 - Our four jolly fellows, decide to set up a new combo: The Grizzly Family is born. Yoze Kuervo, a.k.a. "The Lonesome One", gets out of his den and adds some frenzy to the Grizzly's show.

1994 - Their 4-track mini-CD "Real! Wild! Rock!" is released on Larsen Records (also on red vinyl).

2001 - The sixth Grizzly, Noel "Nono" Jurado, joins the band.

2004 - Finally, the release of The Grizzly Family's second mini-CD "Burning Hot", and about time this rocking band is included on our website. This hot burning new album hits off with a fabulous rendition of Don Woody great classic "Barking Up The Wrong Tree". Superb slapping, and delicious low noise guitar licks. The second track speeds up the pace, a self-penned original titled "Just Like A Rocket". Hope nobody ever asks me to write down the words, I'd have to call in Jean-Paul's help, 'cause the French accent is very difficult to understand.

Ronnie Self's "Bless My Broken Heart" doesn't feel the way it should. Too much modern country style, and do I detect a digital percussion kit here? Stick to rock 'n' roll guys! Or maybe a bit of rhythm & blues, like in "Mister Doorman", a rockin' blues stomper written bij Alain & Jean-Paul.

Comment by Jean-Paul: "I know Big Jo has a metronomical beat but I can swear it, we only play with our own sticks, feet, hands and tongue (I think that's what women prefer ;-)"

Next is a scorching cover of Mickey & Silvia's 1956 hit "No Good Lover" with a fabulous and very wild guitar break. Last track on this mini album is another Alain & Jean-Paul original "Long Black Shiny Hair", uptempo rockabilly with a thumping slapp bass. Inspired by the likes of Hank Williams, Johnny Burnette and Jack Scott, these hillbilly bears grunt and swing. Go see Grizzlies on stage, expect the worst and don't try to tame them. You can't stop The Grizzly Family!

The Grizzly Familie are:
Jean-Paul Casas - Vocals, Guitar
Al Casas - Guitar
Mickey Pujol - Double Bass
Jo Casas - Drums
Nono Jurado - Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals
Yoze Kuervo - Washboard, Vocals

Contact information:
Jean-Paul Casas
30 Route de Vienne
69320 Feyzin
Phone: +33 (0)4 7870 1889


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004