Songs Our Daddies Taught Us, The Greyhounds
Pair Of Dice Records, PODR002

[Update 2012: New CD released, read the review!]

The Greyhounds are a 5 piece roots rock 'n' roll group based out of Poughkeepsie, New York. All of the members are seasoned musicians who have played in various groups in and around the local/regional area for the past 20 years. Realizing their shared interest in this genre of music and culture, they were determined to join together and form one rockin' unit.

Influences ranging from Gene Vincent, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, The Blasters, to name a few, have these guys churning on all cylinders. Fans of the music first, The Greyhounds strive to keep this style of rock 'n' roll alive. They have developed a loyal and passionate following with their frantic marathon shows that have been tearing up the clubs in upstate New York for the past several years.

"There's no real market for what we do in the record business these days, but that isn't why we formed this band. We do it to go out on stage and have fun playing the music we love," says lead vocalist and band leader Stuart Millman. Their debut CD "Songs Our Daddies Taught Us" is actually a tribute to their fathers who were record collectors and musicians themselves. "We had a blast making our record and I think it comes across on the CD. The connection with our dads and this music actually gave us the inspiration for this project", says drummer Johnny Long.

These 14 well produced studio tracks have captured the raw energy and spirit of their live shows. From the first cut, Gene Summers "School of Rock 'n' Roll" to the last, the traditional "Riders in the Sky", The Greyhounds draw from the heart and soul of the evolution of rock 'n' roll, rather than its superficial mannerisms. So whether in the studio or on stage, The Greyhounds have yet to disappoint with the maximum effort they have put forth.  - Courtesy of Pair of Dice Records -

Fortunately the daddies of these New Yorkers turned their boys on to SUN records, Chuck Berry and '50s and '60s music in general. I sure wasn't that lucky! They dive head on into Gene Summers' Texas rocker "School Of Rock 'n' Roll" and you can tell they did their homework. They let it rip and continue the journey down memory lane with Chuck Berry's "Forty Days" (also known by Ronnie Hawkins). Venturing into the '60s the Greyhounds do "True True Lovin'", "Choppin' n' Changin'", "Papa Gene's Blues" (Monkeys) and "Sham Rock". Well done. Back to the '50s Rock 'n' Roll full blast with Jerry Lee's "I'm On Fire", no piano but the roaring saxophone and hot guitar make up for that. Hotter than hell the SUN Roy Orbison rocker "Mean Little Mama", then they explore Country territory with Roger Miller's "Poor Little John" and rock with Elvis melodic "Paralyzed". They close the set with Ronnie Self's "Ain't I'm A Dog" and an inspired "Ghost Riders In The Sky".  - Courtesy of Blue Suede News -

The Greyhounds are:
Stuart Millman - Lead Vocals
Mark Hollenbeck - Guitars, Vocals
Johnny Long - Drums
Steve Greenfield - Saxophones
Jimmy Malthaner - Bass, Vocals

Contact & bookings:
Phone: +1-845-473-9438
E-mail Stuart:

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12 Fowler Avenue
NY 12603, USA

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