Goofin' Around
A compilation of Goofin' Records 1984-199
Goofin GRCD 6100-1/2 (Double CD, 1999)
Goofin' Around


To be honest, it wasn't an easy task to select the tracks for this CD. I must stress that this is not a best of compilation, re-packaging material that you might already have. On this double CD we have collected tracks from deleted vinyl records, previously unreleased material and new recordings from new bands. Naturally, I just had to add a few of my all time favourites such as High Noon and The Go Getters. This double CD presents what I have released on Goofin' Records since the label's birth in 1984. I had started my rockin' activities two years earlier, when I founded a small rockin' magazine called Pirates in 1982. I did about 20 issues of the magazine and arranged my first Rock & Roll gigs at the same time.

It was a natural progression to put out a record through the mag, and the very first EP release sold out pretty fast. As there were some other rockin' magazines around at that same time - but not really any labels - I decided to stop doing my own magazine and keep putting out Rock & Roll Records from Finnish bands. I was then a 16 years old student and I told my big dream to my girlfriend; one day there would be 100 record releases out on Goofin' Records. That day has come and "Goofin' Around" is the 100th record to proudly bear the Goofin, label. It has taken 15 years, some of them absolutely the best in my life but some really difficult years too. Anyway, my big dream has come true. There are approximately 201000 copies of different records with Goofin' Records labels on around the world. Now there are new challenges ahead.

Hal Peters Trio, later "and His Trio"/ "Countrymen" / "Stringdusters", has always been one of the top Goofin' bands. They were the first really well-known Finnish rockabilly band outside Finland. And they still are. I traveled a lot with them all over Europe in the 80s - and it was fantastic to see them playing live at the "Visa Las Vegas" Rockabilly weekender in USA April 1999. "Tweedle Dee" was released on our "On The Move" album. This is an altenative mix of the song from 1984. "Gone Gone Gone" is an unreleased room recording from 1985.

The Bird Dogs EP "Jumpin'Jukebox" was our very first release. Tracks 1-3 are from this first EP. They came from Nummela, a suburb of Helsinki. They were a popular group among the rockin' audience in Finland and Sweden. This EP sold out pretty fast after it came out. The Bird Dogs had also three tracks on our compilation album "On The Move".

The Ballroomers came from Martinlaakso, Vantaa. OK - this is a secret made public for the first time here - Lester Peabody was the singer and guitarist of this group, Timo Uimonen (later with Hal Peters Trio) was on upright bass - and yours truly was the drummer. Both Timo and Jussi were my schoolmates too and they helped me up a lot during the early days of Goofin'. "Lonesome For A Letter" is from our "On The Move" compilation album. The Ballroomers had an EP out on Goofin' and another EP on Fennica Records in 1986.

The Buzzsaw was a band from Espoo - a western suburb of Helsinki. Mika Liikari, later known as an ace designer (e.g. Goofin. record sleeves) and upright bass player with the Barnshakers and The Hogs Of Rhythm, formed this group with his three friends in the early 80s. Buzzsaw lead gitarist Karri Julkunen has a younger brother known as Mr. Breathless. I was hoping to put out our own EP from the Buzzsaw back in 1985-86 but I did my militars service then and I was out of cash - and the band split up. It was a pity because I really dug them. Both of the tracks on this CD are from "On The Move" album.

Whistle Bait, stalwarts of the Finnish rocking scene, did their first three 45s with Goofin' Records. I saw them playing live in 1985 and I wanted to do an EP with them. Both of the Whistle Bait tracks on this compilation are taken from their very first EP "Wistlin For You." Leader of the Whistle Bait, Vesa Haaja, is still touring and recording with the Whistle Bait - but he is also known as lead singer of the Barnshakers.

Deathrow, later renamed the Housewreckers, are based around the socalist of the group Teuvo "Teukka" Aalto. If I'd had the knowledge of the music business back then that I have now, The Housewreekers could have been the next Hurriganes in the Finnish ronk music scene in the early 90s. Great live band, great music - and Teukka is an old friend of mine that I first met through another pal Masu Ijas. "Love's Not Fair" has been taken from Deathrow's deleted 12" mini LP Thirsty Beat". The Housewreckers tracks "Coming To get You" and "Hello From Nowhere" are from a deleted 45 that was a small summer hit single on a Danish radio station 1991. "Tribute To Buddy Holly" is an unreleased outtake from January 1996 - before their first album "Watch Out", which is still our biggest seller.

The Delltones - a fine rockabilly band, also from the Helsinki suburbs did a handful of recordings - and only a couple of songs were released (on the Goofin' Records compilation album "Fin-A-Billy 1990"). "Strangers When We Meet" is from the same 1990 sessions. Guitarist Kari Korhonen is now playing with Rock Ola, and drummer Mike Salminen is playing with The Barnshakers, Hal Peters Stringdusters and Dr. Snout & His Hogs Of Rhythm. The Delltones were a very talented band who unfortunately split. This meant that we couldn't release an EP from them, which was a real pity.

Ellis & The Angry Teens are the most popular revival Rock and Roll group in the country today. The song "Bottle" is from their first EP from 1994, which was deleted soon after its release. It came out their own Tic Tac Toc label, (and was distributed by Goofin). "Oklahoma Baby" is an unreleased track from the same sessions as their album "Call Your Bluff". Almost all of Ellis & The Angry Teens recordings have been done at their rehearsal room - and these two tracks are no exception.

The Silver Bullets have heen one of the most popular groups in the Finnish rockin' throughout the 1990s because of many great live performances. So far they have made an EP and a 45. Also, the number "Ain't That A Dilly" has heen released before this compilation CD, only on a German Dynamite magazine's 45. Another track "Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me" was recorded 1998 and it's previously unreleased.

Lester Peabody, known to his mum as Jussi Huhtakangas - the fingerpickin' monster from Helsinki, has played on more Goofin recordings sessions than anyone else - on this 2 CD compilation alone he is playing on 10 tracks. Winds & Warm' is an unreleased recording from 1990.

Jussi "Big John" Raittinen is a legend in Finnish rock and roll music. He did his first recordings in late 50s and he has heen touring and recording very actively ever since. "Long Black Train was released as the title track of a 12" maxi-EP. He is backed on the 12" EP by Hal Peters And His Trio.

Tortilla Flat - this Helsinki-based R&B band was hugely popular around Finland. Their first and only album "Every Kinda Wimmen" got plenty of airplay on Finnish radio stations. At the same time they did tons of great gigs. This track "Los Flying Tortillas" was only released on a 45 single "Margarita" in 1991.

The Ranch Girls And Their Ragtime Wranglers come from Rotterdam, Holland. Their track on this compilation CD "Way Down Yonder" is from the EP with same title, which is already deleted. This excellent band has performed live all over Europe and the USA. Mary-Ann from the Ranch Girls recorded "Hey little DreamBoat" for her Goofin' solo-EP in 1998. She is backed by her Ragtime Wranglers. She is a very talented singer and if the good Lord is willing - you don't have to wait far her solo-album too long.

The classic jiver "Ain't I The Lucky One" is from Shaun Young's 10" album "Baby Doll Boogie", released in 1994. Shaun hails from Austin. Texas and apart from the 10" LP there is also a CD and 45 available on Goofin Records. Still, he's probably better known as lead singer of the rickabilly trio, High Noon. He's also playing drums with the Jive Bombers. Shaun is a great musician, songwriter and performer - and also great guy.

The Jive Bombers are also from Austin, Texas. "Why Do You Treat Me This Way?" has been taken from their 45 with the same title. They have just released a new CD on the Texas Jamboree label. The Jive Bombers is sorely one of the best R&B/Jump and "swing" groups of today.

You might not expect to see a female upright bass player in a hillbilly band at the turning of the millennium in Finland... well Katarina Blomqvist from Slap Sally Combo is a terrific upright bass player and the rest of the band is fantastic too. This is first-rate boppin' hillbilly and rockabilly. Check the track "Cotton Patch Hop" taken from their EP with the same title.

Somethin' Else is a band from Lappeenranta, Finland. I just recently saw these guys live at the Goofin' Around R&R Club in Helsinki and I liked them a lot. With very short notice I wanted them on this compilation album. They have been one of the best-kept secrets of Finnish rockabilly, but not anymore; check out their track "Don't Bug Me Baby" on this CD.

Kitty & The Ballroomers' "In My Dreams" is an unreleased rehearsal room demo tape from 1985. It is taken from a low-fi quality cassette tape. Unfortunately, there were never any records available from Kitty who did some live gigs around mid 80s in the rockin' scene in southern Finland with the Ballroomers (no, this is not the "Kitty Lee" who recorded for Rebel label). Hopefully this track will give you just a small taste of her strong voice and talent.

Mr. Breathless is perhaps the hardest touring Finnish rock and roll groop at the moment. Mr. Breathless is singing and playing piano - and Slim Salminen is on drums. That's right - just two guys in the band. But it's working out fine just like a bigger combo. They have recently finished recording their second album and Big Blond Baby is a good taster from it. Although a duo for live shows, on records they also have bass and guitars. Esa Pulliainen not only rccorded and produced their new album but he also played guitar on it.

The Slippers were a very popular band on the rockabilly scene in the early 80s. They recently made a comeback with some great shows and now they're here with a new recording "Got Love If You Want it" - recorded in 1999. There is more to come...

High Noon is my all-time, absolute favorite Goofin Records band. Both of the tracks presented on this CD are from their latest album "Stranger Things". It's always a pleasure to see them playing live or hear their recordings - lets hope they do more of both soon.

The Barnshakers are surely the most well known Finnish rockabilly band internationally. With over fifty live gigs abroad they have local fans all over Europe, USA and Japan. Tracks on this CD are from their latest 45s, which both got plenty of spins by the DJs. "Wiggle Like A Worm" was a small hit in the rockin' scene...

Like Shaun Young, Sean Mencher is probably most known for his work as lead guitarist with the rockabilly trio High Noon. Recently Sean has been touring and recording with Wayne Hancock. He recorded a solo 45 for Goofin Records in 1994. We are very proud to have two new solo tracks from him on this CD. It's The Beat! Sean & Deke - two great guitar pickers doing a duet - yes indeed. Sean & Deke recorded this during summer 1999. It'll be available later on 45 as well. Deke Dickerson appears here courtesy of Hightone Records.

Two new tracks by the new Finnish group The Rockin' 8-Balls are here. Both tracks recorded in their rehearsal room, summer 1999. Even though this is a new band, these guys have all been playing 15 years or more in various rocking bands. I'm sure we will hear more of them in the future.

Traditional early 60s guitar instrumental group The Wanglers had a CD out last year on the Japanese Nippon Flamingo label. On this CD is a new track included and it is taken from their forthcoming album.

The Go Getters, a terrific rockabilly trio from Vasteras Sweden who recently recorded four new tracks during their Australian tour, which were issued on a limited edition 7" EP. For those of you not lucky enough to pick op a copy, we present two of the tracks here.

The Infernos come from York, UK -"Local Boy" was a dance floor hit at the Hemsby R&R weekenders, and it was in the top 10 chart for plays in the Hemsby jukehox four times. "Love My Baby" is an unreleased recording from the same session as "Local Boy". This session was recorded and co-produced by Ricky Lee Brown (from Big Six, ex-Stargazers etc.) at his Valvemobile Location Recording Studios in London. Hopefully well hear more of The Infernos soon.

Big Bertha & The Bulldozers play instrumental bop and stripper jazz with jungle beat. They are a very popular and entertaining live band. "Sombrero" is from their 45 and now it's issued for the first time on CD.

Darrel Higham has everything; great looks, great voice, great musical talent and a great personality too. Darrel has recorded twice in Finland with our own Barnshakers. "Pretty Little Devil" EP and "High Class Baby" CD. "The Roker Stroll" is Darell's own strong guitar instrumental and has the unmistakable feeling of Darell's hero Eddie Cochran to it.

Nono Soderberg revamps and gives new spirit to this traditional Finnish song. A well-respected Finnish guitarist and singer, Nono started in early sixties in guitar instrumental group The Needles. They were the first instrumental group to perform on Finnish national TV. After thousands of sessions as a studio musician etc. He has re-formed his first group "The Needles" once again to play good old instrumental guitar music.

From Austin, Texas comes the latest Goofin' Recording star Marti Brom. She recorded this track during her Scandinavian tour in an impromptu session with the Barnsbakers at the famous Jo Allans recording studio in Vasteras, Sweden in January 1999. "I Love You Honey" is available on the "Maybe I Do" EP which documents the entire session. Marti has previously released several riveting 45's assisted by Austin's best musicians.

Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers track Grandma Rock & Roll is an action packed live radio recording from March 1997. The program "Tutti Frutti Rock & Roll Show" - hosted by KW "The Hounddog Man" Blomqvist has been on air on a Finnish national radio station, Radiomaffia, for several years now. Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers did the radio show and recorded this during their tour in Finland. They also have an EP availahle on Goofin Records.

The original Rockabilly legend Ray Campi needs no introduction. "Chicken" became a hit in the UK rocking clubs in the early 90s thanks to repeated plays by DJ Mousie. The flipside was popular in Finland for some reason. Ray recorded his vocal and acoustic guitars in Los Angeles, then sent the tape to Finland where Hal Peters and his hand dubbed on all of the remaining instruments afterwards. Three tracks from this session were also released on Hal Peters And His Trio album "Baby I'm Ready" where Ray appears as a special guest. Ray Campi had his album in the Finnish pop top 20 in the early 80s and he has been a welcome visitor on many occasions ever since.

Dr. Snout And His Hogs Of Rhythm were first known as The Rhythm Hogs, who cut two EP's for Goofin. Seven piece Dr. Snout and his Hogs are surely one of the best jump / R&B groups in Northern Europe. If you ever get a chance to check them out live - don't miss them! "Hi-Fi Baby" is from their latest, still unreleased sessions from summer 1999. --- Asikkala, August 1999 ---

By Pete Hakonen, Founder / Owner

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