Goofin' Records 20th Anniversary Party (DVD)
Goofin' Records GRVD 400

Let me tell you first off that this is one of the greatest Rockabilly DVD's I've seen to date. Although more and more rockabilly is being released on DVD, the chance that you will find one that looks and sounds as great as this one is still rather small. The main feature on this disc contains 30 (yes, thirty!) video performances of some of the greatest bands and singers of nowadays. The beautiful colered cardboard box, the fifties style menus, and all the bonus stuff only adds to the fun on this new Goofin' DVD.

Pete Hakonen, owner of Goofin Records, explains that this is the most expensive product ever made on Goofin'. There were 4 cameras at the anniversary party, and the film was realized by a professional film group, all in beautiful wide screen (16:9). Still, this shining jewel is available from the Goofin' webshop at a very reasonable price. It's an all-region DVD (no country restictions) and the TV system used is PAL.

On the above screenshot of the chapter menu you can see the 6 bands, The Barnshakers, Ray Collin's Hot Club, The Silver Bullets, Marti Brom, High Noon and The Go Getters, each performing 5 songs. Every song is a highlight in it's own right. For a full tracklisting CLICK HERE.  My personal highlight is surely Marti Brom's "Blue Tattoo", which has been one of my favorite songs for a long time, but the jumpin' & jivin' of Ray Collin's Hot Club is something not to be missed either. There is something here for every cat & kitten. From rockabilly (Barnshakers, High Noon) to the beautiful country-billy voice of Marti Brom, some straight forward rock 'n' roll (Silver Bullets), all the way to the raving neo sound of The Go Getters, this DVD is a greaser's dream!

Extra Bonus:

All 9 audio tracks previously released on GRCD6128 are included as a bonus on this DVD. Plus several photo albums with dozens of great still shots.

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006