Good Lookin' Daddy! - The Round Up Boys 
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5623

The Roundup Boys from Berlin are one of Germany's best live acts. The band was founded by singer Michael Kirscht in the summer of 1996. They toured all over Europe and they won the Hemsby talent contest in 1999. This is the band's second full length CD and I'm gladly giving it a five star rating! I could just leave it at that, because you all know what this means: go get this brilliant Rhythm Bomb release!

Just in case you're still reading this and didn't run off to your local waxdealer or CD shop, here we go: "Good Lookin'Daddy!" has 16 tracks and with the first spin you recognize it: this is a party CD! Filled with extremely catchy, medium and uptempo tunes. Good Lookin Daddy is, in my humble opinion, already bound to become a classic amongst the rockabillies. The Round Up Boys delivered an album that doesn't get boring for one single moment, some songs performed in a classic guitar / guitar / bullfidle / skins line up, whilst others have roaring saxophones or a piano added. In "I got Trouble" the Boys show that they are also capable of laying down great close harmonies.

The opening song "I'm on my Way" is damn fine little bopper and is exemplary for the rest of what I think is a perfect album. "Amarilla" makes me wonder who that gal is that inspired Michael Kirscht to write this funny ode to the beautiful, hot, but not so 'Nobel-Prize winning' girls we all love so much, wink-wink!

The studio did a fabulous job, a crystal clear sparkling album is the result. All channels are in perfect balance and it sounds like the guys are standing right next to you in your living room (Hey! Don't drink that last beer!!). With this album Praefke and Kirscht wrote themselves right into my personal favorites. I wanna see and hear those guys live as soon as possible!

The Round Up Boys will play at the 2nd Czech Rumble in the Czech
Republic (29 + 30 July, 2005) in Kralovstvi (5 km from Rumburk).

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The Round Up Boys are:
Michael "Humpty" Kirscht - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Buschek - Guitar
Markus "Lucky" Lehmann - Bass
Torsten Peukert - Drums
Axel Praefcke - Guitar

I'm on my way / The Blues Keep Knockin' / Amarilla / Cool Cool Love / Good Lookin' Daddy / Make It Allright / Don't Cry I'll Be There / Bad Baby Doll / I'm Outta Here / Let's Have Fun Tonight / Almost Anything / Never Had A Love / Hurry Hurry Baby / When I Love You / I Got Trouble / I Got Love So True (For You)

Contact information:
Axel Praefcke
Buschek Bizetstr.104a
D-13088 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 255 60723 

Rhythm Bomb Records
PO Box 130152
27466 Cuxhaven

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005